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Reader I

ISSMP study recommendations

I am looking for more study material for ISSMP certification.

I have the ISSMP book but are there other books there would help me.

Looking for test questions or an app to do the test questions just like ISC2 app for CISSP for iPhone.

Any recommendations would be appriciated.

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Newcomer II

Martin -


I've just provisionally passed the exam for the ISSAP, and I'm waiting for the endorsement process.


I'm starting my study for the ISSMP and I plan to utilize the same framework, since the study material availability is approximately the same.


The following is my plan:



  • 2nd Edition ISC2 ISSMP book
    • Read all online documents referenced in the chapter bibliographies
  • Read all online documents in the ISC2 CBK Suggested References for ISSMP
  • Shon Harris CISSP book (to cover overall topics)
  • The exam outline:
    • Search for NIST papers and white papers for each of the sections and read them
  • iPhone study question apps - as a way to gauge understanding in the last few weeks

I also plan on purchasing and utilizing the CISM All in One book.  While the material will be different than the ISSMP, I believe it may provide extended breadth, depth, and color to the ISSMP material.


Good luck,

Dave Wayland



I took the (new) ISSMP test yesterday with additional domain (and no updated studying materials offered from ISC2).  I knew the CBK book back and forth and took a boot camp.  Fail.  I've already passed two ISC2 certs first time so I am really disappointed in ISC2 who, I believe, set me up for failure on this.  I hardly recognized any questions.  This was an act of futility.  A total waste of time I can recommend for no one until proper study materials are available. 

When a potential candidate asks if they will be able to pass the updated test without new study materials ISC2 states: 

(ISC)² exams are experience-based that include experience-based questions that cannot be learned by studying alone. If you already have the experience in the domains covered in CISSP-ISSMP and believe that you have sufficiently studied those domains, you should feel confident that you are qualified to take the new exam and pass it. (ISC)² cannot guarantee you will pass the exam.


Not in my experience.  They also state, "The Official (ISC)² CISSP-ISSMP Training Course (online self-paced) will be available May 15, 2018".  The official ISSMP ISC2 online training is still unavailable.