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Gaps between Cybex Official Study Guide 9th edition to Official Practice Tests 3rd edition(newest)

i've noticed two major gaps:


  1. The domain exams on practice book are supposed to match the corresponded Study Guide's domain. but each exam includes e plenty of questions and of material which wasn't covered in the Study Guide's relevant domain, leaving you to answer on irrelevant materials- guessing instead of checking your knowledge and quality of study. 

  2. worse than that is a Change in the expected correct answers. for example,  Study Guide teaches you that answer A would be correct, but in the practice book its is wrong and the explanation doesn't correspond with the Study Guide.

Here's an example, a question from practice book test for domain 6:




And here is what the 9th edition Study Guide teaches about it:

Screenshot 2022-09-01 213244.png


Another example:

According to practice book, correct answer is ( surveys). but according to 9th Study Guide, answer A is the correct one: (as you can see, i marked A)

Screenshot 2022-09-01 213310.png


Below screenshot is what the Study Guide says about security awareness- ( "Training and Awareness" on page 755) and the correct answer is supposed to be A!

Screenshot 2022-09-01 213334.png


For the avoidance of doubt, the only reference to the term "surveys" on 9th edition study Guide is in the context of "site surveys" (for wireless signal quality) and nothing related to awareness as the practice book suggests.


so in the real exam, which materials should be treated as correct ??


Thanks !



i have plenty more examples of these contradictions between the books

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Community Champion

It is fairly common for books to have errors in them.  This is why many textbooks publish errata.