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Failure is the first step .... to SUCCESS -- so fail until you win

To succeed you have to fail. When you were a kid, you did not just get up and run. On the contrary, even before crawling you kind of flop a bit. Then start rolling. Then crawling. Then standing, and falling. Time and again.


When we study anything, CISSP topics, algebra, Spanish verbs, we fail and fail until we succeed. Far worse than failure is not showing up to the game.


You feel like crud. You are sad as anything. But get more than sad; get mad!


Say to yourself, "I need to do some mpre study, get more experience, find the way through."


When you start to study something like the CBK make a plan. Set goals. Be SMART.. Take as much time as you need. I told myself that this is not some trivial endeavor. I need to put in time, toil, sweat, tears. I spent a lot of time and thankfully it paid off.


When I was in the exam, however, I felt like "Wow, I have not seen anything like these questions before." So then I said "Suck it up man. Do your best. Take your time. Calm down because panic will do you in!"


That's what they are testing: Can you take an issue, and see it through? It's not about tech knowledge, or even book knowledge (though believe me, you need to know the book!) It's about taking your experience (that's why you NEED to have the chops to wrote this) and applying it to the questions. It's about taking LOTS of time and being patient.


I thought I was cooked when I went to get the result, and I had to take a close look when I saw "Congratulations." Then I realized it's just another step on the journey.


We all have failures every day; we need to learn from them and continually improve and Keep On the Path!


So you will SUCCEED, and you will fail again and again. And succeed again and again. It is all part of the cycle of life professionally and personally.


Get back on your feet and keep going. You CERTAINLY will succeed.


Best wishes all.

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Viewer III

Completely agree with this!


I passed my CISSP first time (thought I had failed it during the exam). Not long after I sat my CCSP exam and assumed it would be a breeze compared to the CISSP. My complacency caused me to narrowly fail. I was determined to pass so I booked a resit and studied harder than I have for any other exam in the past. My hard work paid off and I passed!





Newcomer III

Very well said!'s truly quite emotional to see the most wonderful word "Congratulations!" on the paper (result).   To this day, it always almost bring me to tears thinking of that emotional after giving everything I got in me in preparing and studying for the exam.   All the hard work, sacrifices from taking time away from family, studying every day including weekends, skipping out on hanging out with friends, persevering when fatigue or procrastination is showing up at the door, getting no financial support and being told that "a CISSP cert only looks good on your resume" from your own manager...It's quite an honor to be part of this club!

I have read posts after posts in this community and can feel the care and compassion in helping anybody asking for any advice or help.