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Newcomer I

Failed CISSP 1st attempt, any suggestions for the prep please for non-native English speakers..

Hello All, 


After CISSP 5 days bootcamp, read through every single page of CISSP Official Study Guide and Official Practice test, 6 months of hard work and multiple sleepless nights, I still couldn't able to clear it. 

Used following resoruces, 

Sybex Test Bank, 

Boson CISSP testing

ISC2 Official Study Guide 8th Edition

ISC2 Official Practical Test 2nd Edition.


It's not the only thing, I have recently completed my MS in Cybersecurity from UD, TX, and working in the Security/Architecture/Cloud domains from the last 15 years. 


I have seen the other post on the topic, and I am really upset why these tests are made to test your English Language Proficiency instead of Evaluation of your Technical Knowledge area. Don't know if it is done to deter non-native speakers from passing this exam or what??? But 80% of the question wording was so difficult, that I had no clue what the question is asking. I consistently scored above 90% in all practice exams of Sybex Test Bank as well as Boson test bank as they were focusing on knowledge evaluation in my view, but the actual test question wordings and language are so confusing that I have to read it multiple times to understand what the f... has been asked here. 


Anyone who is a non-native speaker and fortunate enough to pass this exam, please advise how to prepare for it??



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Newcomer II

Many thanks for the valuable input.
The fact is that on reddit/r/cissp, most of the successful stories give most credits to BOSON among other resources.
Influencer II

> tajdar (Newcomer I) posted a new reply in Certifications on 02-08-2020 10:16 AM

>   As mentioned I believe I was prepared and
> focused too much on technical stuff, hence after a couple of tech questions, I
> did not receive too many technical questions.    Most of the questions I
> received were focusing on processes, policies, frameworks, planning, drag, and
> drop of scenarios instead of merely just definitions etc.

Management concepts and background is quite important. You need to know the
tech, but, particularly when facing a question with four "right" answers, you need
to consider which is the "management" answer.

> This
> itself as non-native speaker was bit tricky and new to me.

I might also suggest the "Dictionary of Information Security."
Yes, I know it sounds self-serving, but a lot of people have recommended that I
recommend it.

> But I believe this is
> a new emerging pattern on all technical exams these days. They make it harder
> through wordiness instead of focusing on merely knowledge of the subject.

Well, the psycholinguistics people would tell you that you can't know a concept
until you have a word for it.

>      These Sybex
> Test Bank as well as the Boson test, all have simple definitions or steps and
> ask you to drag and drop to match the definition or correct order of any
> particular process.

As I keep saying, I've never found any of the "test" sets that really give you a true
flavour of the real exam. That's why I started

"If you do buy a computer, don't turn it on." - Richards' 2nd Law
"Robert Slade's Guide to Computer Viruses" 0-387-94663-2
"Viruses Revealed" 0-07-213090-3
"Software Forensics" 0-07-142804-6
"Dictionary of Information Security" Syngress 1-59749-115-2
============= for back issues:
[Base URL] site
CISSP refs: [Base URL]mnbksccd.htm
PC Security: [Base URL]mnvrrvsc.htm
Security Dict.: [Base URL]secgloss.htm
Security Educ.: [Base URL]comseced.htm
Book reviews: [Base URL]mnbk.htm
[Base URL]review.htm


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Newcomer I

Thanks for the useful tips. 

As mentioned by multiple members on this group with various other techniques and resources I also need to explore and understand the Psychometric testing and CAT testing system. 


So thanks again for you all, I am now on it. 



Influencer II

> tajdar (Newcomer I) posted a new reply in Certifications on 02-09-2020 06:53 AM

> Thanks for the useful tips.

Also, read "Security Engineering," by Ross Anderson.

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