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Considering to study for CISSP



I am very new to  CISSP material. I am an IT professional with bigdata/cloud/senior software engineering back ground and have spent 24 years in the industry. I hold my Security Plus Certification from COMPTIA- I am tryin g to venture to study for CISSP and I have learned that it is a very daunting exam and requires quite a bit of planning, study and exam preparation . I would like to understand the time commitment for a full time working professional to enable prepare and pass the exam. 


Any advise from the community for the newbies . It helps assess the commitement required to consider this exam?


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Newcomer III

Hello there - i suggest you look at latest post on candidate who passed CISSP. The candidate usually shares their study materials and practice question they used to assist them to prepare for the exam better. I did the same last time and passed in the first try. Last week i passed CCSP too. Good luck in your preparation and for your exam too

Advocate II

Based on my experience it's probably about 100 - 120 hours of study, then the exam.  Myself and a number of colleagues passed the CISSP by booking a week off work in order to complete it.  The reason for doing that is so you don't get the intrusions from work; being asked to work late, being disturbed by incidents, deadlines etc and can focus instead on absorbing the new material.  Obviously, it's up to you, however there are great benefits to be had from a block on uninterrupted study, which an exam at the end to keep you focused.  





from experience I can give you that when you are working your way through the prep books, you need to remember that some topics are interconnected. So don't look at the disciplines as separate entities, but try to keep an eye on the whole topic of safety.


Your previous experience will certainly help you with the technical topics. Therefore, you should get the books as early as possible and work through them completely. As soon as this is done, you should book a one-week course before you go to the exam, as Steve-Wilme recommended before.


The exam aims to protect all assets, or rather the company as a whole, so you should always focus on what value IT security can bring to the company and how would you decide especially in terms of business in different situations.


Good luck

Newcomer II

CISSP exam is tough so better well prepared.


I spent 30-hour for in-class training, 12-hour online training and over 80-hour self study.


CCSP would be easier if someone recently passed the CISSP exam with solid cloud experience (e.g. Azure or AWS cloud solution architect certified).

I highly recommended CISSP holder also get the CCSP as the cloud specialized path of CISSP.

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I see you posted this awhile ago, but thought I'd add that the two most helpful things I did were buy the Boson Exam Practice Tests and review the videos from Destination Certification. The latter has the best videos on explaining how to answer questions as well as explain elements. I also took an ISC2 class for a week online in December but it wasn't as helpful as the two other ways for me. I passed the exam in March and received my certification this month. Best of luck to you!