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CISSP failed on first attempt

Hi Folks,

I failed my CISSP exam on first attempt Domain 1,2 and 8 Below proficiency, Domain 4 above, and 5,6,7 near.

I studied ISC official books, used ISC practice exams book and scored 80+. I can't afford official CISSP training and my employer is also not willing to pay it. 


Please suggest me how to restart my preparation.



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Newcomer II



I failed my first attempt.  It was painful (considering it was out-of-pocket) and very discouraging.  Also, my employer would not pay for training or testing.


I didn't pay for any expensive resident boot camp or other high value training.  What I did do was study available open-source resources... every day at the gym, while on the treadmill, I would view Youtube videos specific to a particular domain.  On my commute to and from work, I would listen to podcasts, or youtube/cybrary presentations.  I did this for over a year before I felt remotely capable of retesting.


If there is a local ISSA chapter, you could contact them about their boot camps (the one I belong to offers a boot camp that was held over 3 hours, 2 nights a week for 8 weeks).


You are not alone... a lot of people have been 1st time fails... 



Advocate II

Back when I took the exam I essentially worked on it as if I were in a boot camp, starting around 6am and working through until 9 or 10 each day for a week and then sat the exam on the 8th day.  It's a cheap way to do it if you cannot afford a boot camp, but you'll use a weeks leave if your employer won't allow you study time.  I simply used the ISC2 official text, the Shon Harris all in one and a for dummies guide to study.  The practice questions can be used to ensure you get well over the pass mark in every domain.  If you're not doing great on a domain study that more, using 2 or 3 different resources.  I believe Rob Slade has put together a useful resource on the domains:


Then there are the practicalities of the exam centre.  Get a good nights sleep before hand, know your travel arrangements and try to walk to the exam to wake yourself up.  Being alert is key to getting through it in addition to knowing the material.