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Newcomer I

CISSP in Mar 2020 and CCSP in Aug 2020

I passed both CISSP and CCSP and this is want I found out.


In generally, CCSP is easier than CISSP

    - lesser domains

    - less technical (both in depth and in scope)

    - shorter, simpler and more direct questions

    - one can mark a questions for review and then change later


CISSP is using "adaptive" test and after you answer a question, you will not be able to go back and check/change them aka it's one way only.

This simple rule to me means that CISSP is already more difficult to attempt than CCSP.


During the test, I am faced with a question that appears 3 times.

I think (my imagination) that this is actually a psychological test question.

Same question, same answers/choices - appears 3 times in my exam.


It's a calculation and I'm very good at this type of question.

It is required as part of data migration and I got the same question when taking AWS Solution Architect Professional exam too.


Basically, it's a mathematics question and I am 100% sure of the answer.


The first time when it appears, I calculated and make my choice.


After about 30 questions, it appears again.


I re-calculated and also do reverse engineering to confirm my choice again.


The third time when it appears, I fumbled.


A lot of doubts running in my mind and for a short time, choosing another answer came into my mind too.


Well, I just stare at my calculations again and make the same choice.


I would imagine that a good security personnel should not change his mind (choice) in such a short timeframe and this is just part of CISSP (psychology) test.


Its not about studying hard, it's about studying smart.

Buy studying the study guides, exam simulators(online), practice questions does not means you will pass.

In fact, after reading this thread from beginning, confirmed my experience too.


I am also very confident when attempting ISC2 exams.

However, to my horror, the study materials does not pop up and ring a bell at all.

It was a devastating experience.

For CCSP, I marked 10 out of first 15 questions for review.

I skipped 30 questions and attempt to find some comfort feeling but none.


I decided to ditch my hope and take each of the CCSP question one at a time.

Reading carefully and eliminating non-sensible choices and then internalise it before submission.


At the end, from my record, 10 questions are marked as too tough and another 10 questions are marked as 50-50.


With this I pass my CCSP (study guide, exam simulator, practice questions did help, not directly thou).









Newcomer I

Re: CISSP Failed Exam 11/2018

Thanks for these tips. Indeed, questions cannot be like mathematical formulas with standard answers. With my preparation on CISA (IT Audit), I do not find any problems with the form of the CISSP questions.