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Newcomer II

CCSP Exam Cleared!

Hi All,


So happy to clear my CCSP exam on 16th Feb! 👨‍🎓


Preparation materials:


  1. ISC2 course
  2. Sybex Official guide
  3. Sybex Practice questions
  4. A Cloud Guru CCSP Course
  5. CSA Cloud Security Guidance 4.0
  6. CCM and CAIQ
  7. Sybex online practice questions
  8. OWASP Top 10
  9. CSA Treacherous 12
  10. NIST documents related to various topics
  11. Multiple Youtube videos - Prabh Nair's, GISSP Academy etc .. 


Preparation experience:


I relied heavily on ISC2, Sybex and CSA material. All the solid foundation was built based on these. On the sidelines, did the ACG course and referred multiple youtube videos to assess how my preparation is. Sybex online questions are good to make the concepts hardened. However, as mentioned earlier, these shouldn't be taken as 'learning' material.


When approaching the exam, you definitely have to think like a manager, more like a 'Risk' manager. I would recommend studying also with the same approach. Whatever topic you pick and study, always think in terms of pros/cons. For example, for Data Lifecyle, think of risks at every given step of CSUSAD.


I was able to finish my exam with almost 50 minutes left! 😎 To me, it felt easier compared to CISSP. It can probably be attributed to the fact that after studying for CISSP and the exam experience, delved into a lot more for CCSP. ISC2 exam experience of CISSP helped for sure along with the solid based CISSP provided.


During the exam, I did feel pretty confident that I'll be clearing this one. Overall, was extremely happy when I saw the 'Congratulations' on my sheet! 😀


Thank you and good luck to all aspirants! 👍


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Community Champion


Newcomer I

I did you feel like the ISC2 self paced online study program was of sufficient quality/coverage?

Newcomer I

Hi all,


Completed yesterday 10/09/2022.


I have more handson experience on most of the domain.


ISC2 official guide, Shon Haris (much more detailed explanation) ISC2 Official App for practice.


You need to read books again and again to understand the concept, definitely the qustion asked can be cracked only u understand the concepts and think like a manager rather than solving the problem.


NOTE: Singapore National library have most of the material in digital form. worth if you are sponsoring yourself like me.