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Newcomer II

CC Exam Additional Study Materials

Hello guys, I am preparing to take the CC exam and was wondering if anyone has any additional study materials or questions that we can study with. I would appreciate a response.

Is the free training/course material enough to study and prepare for the exam?
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Free training materials is enough for the exam. 

Newcomer I

Do you have a background in Cybersecurity or IT at all?

I wrote my exam yesterday, and didn't pass. I don't have any background and there were a lot of questions with content that was not covered in the self-study materials! 

I watched videos, tested the exam questions from the app, read up online, and still it wasn't enough.


My tips from what I have learned:

  • Learn the self-study materials off by heart. You need to know every specific detail of every definition, of every concept or every layer, and how they connect to each other. This is a given.
  • Watch the online videos by Mike Chapple here:
  • This is not part of the course material. Although I watched his videos, I saw it as background info. I didn't learn it per se, thinking that the self-study material is all we need to know! 
  • The self-study material is THEORY. Exam questions are a lot about APPLICATION of what you learned.
  • The exam questions are not the same as the self-assessment questions in the course.

Good luck.

Community Champion

As well as the official training material use the exam outline:

I’d guarantee if you know the info in the exam outline well and can apply it you’ll be very capable of passing.

There is a paper textbook published summer this year:

And Google, compTIA Security+ and SSCP materials are probably good fits. Udemy, linked in and others offer material.

You can also look at the reference sources though these are wider:
Newcomer II

Hello Mahmed,

Thanks for your response. I also wanted to know if you have taken the exam yourself and how you did?

Lastly, if you have taken the exam, did you just use the materials provided or you had some others?

Expecting your response.

Newcomer II

Hello DMuller,

Thank you very much for your feedback on the exam and I wish you luck on your next try. However, I have the following questions for you:

1. How many questions were there in the exam and what was your score?
2. From what topics in the training would you say you had the most challenge?

Expecting your response soon.

Community Champion

@Its_JIM wrote:
1. How many questions were there in the exam...?

The very first thing you should do when preparing for the exam (any exam, really) is to read the outline.  This question is answered on it.


what was your score?

She answered that.  The exam is graded pass/fail.

For ISC2 CC exam , you can find free Material on this github repo: ISC2-CC-Study-Material