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Re: Job Posting Guidelines in (ISC)² Community

Just a thought.  ISC2 competes directly with other certification providers.

Job postings advertising your competitor certifications ( e.g.  CompTIA Security+, Network+, Linux+, or SANS GIAC GSEC, GCIH) takes away / drives business towards your competitors. Might want to consider restricting posts to only jobs allowing ISC2 certifications. This way their will be a need to continue pursuing ISC2 certifications as well as maintaining them.

Community Manager

Job Posting Guidelines in (ISC)² Community

When posting to the Cybersecurity Job Openings board in the Community, we have put together a helpful guide to help maximize your efforts in posting open positions.



Make your subject concise and easy to understand. Think about what someone would search for when looking for a job in the cybersecurity field. Try to keep your subject line to a maximum of 40-50 characters.


Example:  While it might seem important, leaving your company name out of the subject line or adding it to the end is helpful. Instead of saying “Company XYZ is looking for a Cloud Security Architect” try “Cloud Security Architect – Company XYZ”





Not necessary but can be helpful. Should be like a tagline for the job and no longer than 2-3 short sentences.

Example:  Want to be on the front lines helping small businesses stay safe online? Make a difference by joining Company XYZ and working on our new product designed to make security easy for “the little guy!”



Give an overview of the job, talk about what a successful candidate looks like. Make sure to include the highlights here – who are they reporting to, will they have any direct reports, etc. Remember to include the basics here, like location, is travel required, is it contract, full time or part time?



List the top 3-5 duties/responsibilities for the position. Try to hit on what the day-to-day tasks/projects for someone in this role are going to be. This list can easily be displayed in bullet format.



List any pertinent qualifications for the role. Do they need to hold a certification, speak multiple languages, have a certain amount of experience, a college degree?


Any other Important Info

Make sure to call out important details by either bolding them in the copy of the post or specifically calling them out in their own section. 



Where do you want them to go with more information?  Make sure to have clear instructions on where they can go to apply, how they can reach out, and who they can reach out to. Keep in mind, there may be questions/comments in the Community, too, so make sure to keep the email notifications for replies turned on.


Things to Keep in Mind

Job descriptions can be long and, if we’re being honest, a little boring for some people. Make sure to keep it short and simple – include the important information about the job that someone absolutely needs to know and leave out some of the fluff (i.e. being “proficient in Microsoft Office” should be a given, no need to waste valuable space to include this).


Good Examples of Job Opening Posts:

Job Post: Senior Cybersecurity Analyst

Senior IT Auditor at Westfield Insurance

Sr. Security Analyst - Rodan & Fields


If you have any questions, please feel free email

(ISC)² Community Manager