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Hiring: IAM Systems Integrator

The Position: The purpose of this position is to administer, maintain, and deploy various systems, complete customer projects, and develop skill sets in Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) and Identity and Access Management.

  • We offer flexibility

  • We offer a diverse work environment

  • Futureproof your career with a job in information security

How you will make an impact:

  • Participate with on-site and remote installation, integration and configuration of Entrust software solutions and perform integration with third party products;

  • Perform testing of PKI and other security product for new deployments;

  • Troubleshoot and resolve technical problems;

  • Escalate system problems to Entrust technical support and act as a liaison between customer and Entrust technical support in resolving system issues;


  • Bachelor's Degree in a technical field with 2+ years of technical experience in the following, or 5+ years of experience without a Bachelor’s degree: Certification Authorities, LDAP Directories, OCSP, HSM’s and the standards relating to each.

  • Experience deploying PKI technologies (CAs and Directories) in government environment.

  • Experience troubleshooting PKI and system issues and working help desk tickets.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and experience writing technical documents such as guides and other training material related to PKI.


Why Should You Apply?

  • Leader in the security industry

  • Friendly, supportive & knowledgeable teams

  • Opportunities for on-the-job training

  • You’ll make the world a safer place by helping to secure transactions, identities and data!


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