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Newcomer II

Passed my CC exam, next steps

I passed my CC exam last week. I already have my Comptia Sec+. I was thinking of going for my SSCP so it can fill in the knowledge gaps or should I just try the CISSP and then CCSP . I would like to focus on Cloud Security. I am also trying to get some MS security certs like the sc-400, etc. I am between jobs and hoping that theses certs will help me land a cybersecurity job.

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Newcomer I

Hi, I think it to be a better idea to do the CCSP after a year being in the industry. I believe ISC has a required 5 years on the job experience before you can even take the CISSP course. I too thought i could just do the courses as i wanted to but no. ISC has the expertise to say that without the needed hands on for x amount of time, you simply cant do it.

Community Manager

Both CISSP and CCSP require 5 years of relevant work experience in addition to passing the exam in order to become fully certified. We have the option of becoming an Associate of ISC2, which is what you will be if you pass the exam without the work experience. 


However, the SSCP requires only 1 year of work experience and that can be waived with a degree or other certification which is detailed here:


Work experience is just one part of the puzzle when deciding what to pursue next. Please do keep in mind what your career goals are and what areas of focus you're most interested in. The next step may be a certificate, rather than another certification: 


I just got my CC, what entry-level jobs do you recommend for someone with this certification?


Newcomer I

The SSCP, CISSP, and CCSP certifications aren't suitable for newcomers to cybersecurity. It's important to note that these certifications require prior experience. Thus, incorporating your experience into your study approach is advisable. Here's a suggested study path:

  1. Obtain your CC certification.
  2. Secure a cybersecurity job and immerse yourself for 1-2 years.
  3. Study and obtain your SSCP certification.
  4. Spend an additional 3 years (totaling 4-5 years) in the field, collaborating with colleagues from various domains.
  5. Dedicate time to studying materials to enhance your knowledge and grasp the terminology.
  6. Pursue the CISSP certification.
  7. Utilize your accumulated experience for the endorsement process.
  8. Optionally, pursue the CCSP certification, which doesn't require additional experience if you're already a CISSP. 
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