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Newcomer I

AWS vs Azure - fundamental cloud knowledge for CCSP

Which cert (AWS or Azure) would be better to learn if I want to go for CCSP one day

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Advocate II

If you're look for something non service provider specific the CSAs CCSK may be worth considering:



Advocate I

As CSA worked with ISC2 on the CCSP cert, I've heard people basically say that the CCSP is basically the CCSK combined with the CISSP.


But the CCSP is product neutral.  I plan on getting the CCSP, and combine it with basic certificates for AWS and Azure.


Community Champion

@conma293 @emb021 Yet another great post by Michael... he said most of what I was going to say. I have the CCSP and it is vender neutral and I feel it is geared more towards management and less toward engineering. I have a heavy Windows background so it was a small leap from VM on a server to Azure. I am a lifetime learner and although I don't work in all the areas I know I feel it gives me confidence when I can understand what is being said and when someone it full of crap!


If you search for Microsoft Learn you will find all of their free training. I have done a lot of it and if I remember correctly, if you have been effected by COVID they will drop the test price down to $15 till the end of the year!


Also for AWS I have not read this yet but I think it's free:


wow long link.. it's days of free AWS training...


And this goes for anyone and everyone, If I can be of any help please reach of to me!



Reader I

I think both are similar.

Microsoft offers "Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Fundamentals ", 2 free training sessions.

After completing this free training, you’ll be eligible to take the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) certification exam at no cost.


If you have Microsoft products backgroud then start with Azure otherwise go with AWS.

If you have a Linux background then start with AWS

If you are at the beginning of your carrier in IT then go with AWS.


Once you have an understanding of either of them then it will be a piece of cake to go for any other public cloud service.


Hope it helps.





Viewer II

as a CCSK and AWS educator , my two cents here are that AWS is the broadest educational cloud today with lot's of security tools and more over - faq's and documentation that allows you to understand cloud 

yet, only actual hands on will get you the actual understanding of how things are really working 




Newcomer II

CCSP exam requires you have the cloud background but not in-depth. I think AWS Practitioner or Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) are enough, but architect level would be nice.


My personal experience is that CCSP is easier than CISSP if you have reasonable level of cloud experience. I took 2 months to prepare CISSP but less than 3 weeks for CCSP, before that I already obtained Microsoft Azure Cybersecurity Architect, Solution Architect and etc.


However, the CCSP does not test your knowledge (or hands-on) of the specific cloud, but instead more general concept. And, be prepared CCSP also tests you from cloud provider perspective in addition to cloud consumer perspective. Also, the CCSP uses the keywords in more abstractive manner (vendor neutral).


Like CISSP exam, you need to have sharp mind, good comprehension (reading the question and answer carefully), and a good sleep before exam. Some questions tend to be a "brain game" rather than testing your memory of hard fact. Due to this, it is not unheard experienced cloud/cybersecurity practitioner failed the CISSP and CCSP exam.

Newcomer II

Azure Fundamental exam (AZ-900) offer free exam voucher for anyone attended their AZ-900 virtual training day or your company has joined Microsoft ESI program (free exam and free online live training for all Azure exam for all employee).


This is the cost advantage over AWS exam.

Newcomer I

Suggestions on where to start to just learn cloud fundamentals - specifically AWS to start. Don't they offer basic level fundamentals for free? 


Appreciate the guidance and good luck to everyone on the certification train.