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Fundraising Ideas for your chapter

Not sure if other chapters do fundraising for their chapter or other non-profit organizations. 

Unfortunately, our industry vendor sponsorship aren't coming in, so this is holding us over along with the new memberships. 

One fundraising idea we implemented was the Central Florida chapter ordered four of the Garfield Digital kits ($40) from The Center for Cyber Safety & Education.  They were running a special where you get the individual kit (comics from each module, 1 year digital subscription, pencil, t shirt, key-chain).  We decided to raffle these off at our meetings ($5 a ticket and 5 tickets for $20) to help raise money for the chapter.  After our first meeting, we already covered the costs of the 4 kits, so we have a chance to do well for the other three!


A second idea we're considering is similar to what the Center for Cyber Safety & Education is to hold an event at Top Golf with local corporate sponsorships for various amounts and raffle off a bunch of prizes from the community.  Prizes like hotel stays, tickets to local amusement parks, sports memorabilia, etc.  The funds can help the chapter....or even better help the Center for Cyber Safety and Education!


What do you as a chapter to raise funds to support the Connect, Educate, Inspire & Secure pillars for your membership?


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Be sure to check local laws on the use of raffles, states have many rules and regulations that may prevent certain fundraising.