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Advocate II

Re: ? Utility of Acclaim Certification Badges ?

@denbesten wrote:

.  However, any evidence of falsified material facts (e.g. an unearned cert or degree on a resume) should be reported to H.R. because that is grounds for termination in most companies.

You'd think so, wouldn't you? Well, not always. About a decade a go a person in my company, who worked hundreds of miles away and I did not know personally, asked me to endorse him for CISSP after he passed the exam. The resume he sent me claimed a fallacious degree from a  diploma mill. When I asked for more information about the school he promised to send me the information, but then went silent. A year later to my surprise I saw that he had become certified.*


I proceeded to notify HR about his fraudulent degree claim. Apparently, because he had never submitted a claim of the degree to HR for his records, either in his original job application or subsequent records update, he had not lied to the company. Thus, even though he claimed the degree on his informal internal resume, the company had no basis for review or discipline. He still works there and has had two promotions since then.


* 1. This was when (ISC)2 accepted endorsements from non-CISSP company officers if a candidate claimed not to know any CISSPs. I am sure he obtained such an endorsement to become certified. This is a data point in why it was stupid to allow such endorsements, begging for abuse by candidates and their employers.

  2. I have not submitted an ethics charge to the (ISC)2 Ethics Board because such charges require direct proof, not just a strong suspicion based on circumstantial evidence. 





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Re: ? Utility of Acclaim Certification Badges?

> denbesten (Advocate I) posted a new reply in Certifications on 11-02-2018 05:26 PM in the (ISC)² Community :

> @MohanBhupalM wrote:  display of the FULL list of certified members on the
> ISC2, ISACA web sites

Actually, at one time ISC2 *did* have a members' directory. You could also add
information to your profile. Along about 2003-ish somebody scraped it and
started passing around a file (generally called cissp.txt). (You can find a bit more
info under section 4.4 of the )

Possibly for the reason @denbesten states, they changed to the current system.

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