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Re: Share Your Story: When You Passed Your CISSP Exam

@johnjo4n wrote:
You ever use that name again without my permission and we are going to have problems.


My sincere apologies for inadvertently offending you, I thought it to be a courtesy to use your given name. In fact, I do fully understand a preferred name usage, since I have used only my middle name my entire life. That is why I edited my own profile to show first initial and middle name in my the FirstName field. 


I hope your day gets better.


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Re: Share Your Story: When You Passed Your CISSP Exam

I posted this on another forum.

TL;DR - I'm honored to be a CISSP!


Wanted to share my experience the day I took my CISSP (took this a few years ago). (No information about the exam will be given, unless publically available from official (ISC)2 resources and websites)(I sound like a poorly worded warning banner)


* Just wanted to add, I had about a good 15+ years in IT with varying rolls as technician, Sysad/SysEng/NetAd/NetEng/SysArchitect before I took this exam. Which helped me with the technical side.


My exam started at 12:00pm. I remember the day because before I left, my son took his first steps and for some reason, I felt good. I got up, went to my church early that morning, did my rosary like I did every morning. Came back home, went over some last minute notes. Tried to force down a good breakfast (my wife went all out making overeasy eggs, scrambled eggs, omlette's, sausage links, bacon, pancakes)(it was only me, my wife, and my infant son at the time, and the majority of it was for me. Love my wife) , because everyone knows from cert taking experience, or those that write certification books on how to prepare for a cert that you should, get a good nights sleep (yeah, I didn't sleep), and eat a healthy breakfast (I was too nervous and didn't eat much).


So, I take off about 45min before the exam to get the the testing site. Get there with about 20 mintues to spare (you can imagine how I drove there). Signed in, took out my DL, SS card, Passport, I think I even brought my birth certificate. The guy laughed. They provided me with a locker to put my watch, cell phones, wallet, pretty much anything in any pocket and everything pretty much except what I was wearing for clothing. (It wasn't optional)

Takes me to the this sound proof room with microphones everywhere from the ceiling and camera's to match. Sits me in a cubicle with adjoined cubicles all with partitions too high for any giraffe to look over.

So I log in, state information that's requested, do the intro, and start the test. Yep, sure enough, I read through half of the FIRST question, and my stomach turns into the hugest knot I've ever had in my life. I literally was shaking, for 20 minutes and fighting my stomach which felt like I got kicked by an elephant. It took all of me to calm down, and racked through the first 100 questions or so. I don't recall how much time passed, but I took a good 30 minute break.

Looked out the window in the designated break area and just prayed. I wanted it over with, but knew I had what felt like 1000 questions to go.

I take a swig of water out of the bottle I had with me earlier, and went back in. Felt a little better, a little more calm. I went through and did another 100 questions and took another break. So that was a good 30 min break I took.

While I was there, on break, I was talking to a guy who said his daughter was taking an EMT exam, so I knew that there were mixed exam types being proctored at this site. Took my last sip of water, looked up and asked God to let me finish this.

Went back in and finshed the remaining questions. Took a good 5hrs and 30min in total (with breaks) to complete and review my questions, I changed maybe 3 answers. Finshed the exam. Got up and said to myself, "I failed". I just wanted to get my results and leave. I went up to the proctor who gave my results to me upside down. He didn't even look at it. Just handed it to me. I took a deep breath, turned it over, looked at it and it said congradulations....didn't remember reading anything else, except to look for my name to make sure it was my results. I just started crying. But it was the best feeling I've felt in a long time. I think I hugged the guy. He asked, what exam I took, and I said, the CISSP. He said, yeah, I see people come in here crying after seeing the results of that cert and leave crying out of the room (indication that they may have failed it). I thanked God that I passed this. It was the hardest thing I ever prepared for in my life. I didn't care for college as much as I did this cert.

It was long journey. I studied very VERY casually for like 3 years, but when I got serious to take this exam, I took 8 weeks total with a bootcamp (helped gap maybe 5-10% of my knowledge). During that time, I snuck in a lot of time at work to study, so I was always buried in the Shon Harris "Gold Brick" AIO making excuses I was looking up Information when people asked me what I was doing. I had 2 of them plus 2 other study guides, so I had a copy at home and at work (You know who you are and know how big Shon Harris AIO books are. Read that beast 2X cover to cover). I would get home everyday, my wife would cook dinner, then tell me to go in my office and study. That whole time, she took care of my son with everything, feeding, bathing, spending time. I missed a few parties, and some other things, but I stayed to it. I would say I studied on average 6-8 hours every day those 7 weeks and more on the weekends.

But yeah, that's my story! I'll never forget my experience and I will never take this exam again!


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Re: Share Your Story: When You Passed Your CISSP Exam



Very inspiring story! Thanks for sharing.