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SSCP Exam experience


I am very interested in becoming SSCP certified, but for me its not easy to confirm my working experience in my home country.

I have bachelor degree in Information technology, and earning post-graduate certificate in Cyber security (2 years program), will i be eligible to obtain SSCP certification with One year prerequisite Partway option?

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Advocate II

Re: SSCP Exam experience

I'd say your bachelor's in IT should be enough on its own to qualify you for the SSCP experience requirement:


"One Year Prerequisite Pathway


Candidates may satisfy the one year work experience requirement if they earn a degree from an accredited college or university or regionally equivalent education program. For purposes of certification, (ISC)² looks for the following characteristics of an approved cybersecurity degree:


1) The degree originates from a cybersecurity program which addresses cyber, information, software and infrastructure security topics within its requirements;




2) Is one of the following preapproved degree programs:

Computer Science
Computer Engineering
Computer Systems Engineering
Management Information Systems (MIS)
Information Technology [IT]

The list of preapproved degree programs will be updated periodically."