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Newcomer I

Officially CCSP now!

Officially CCSP now!


I passed the (ISC)² CCSP exam on my first attempt on December 20 2018.

Still i had to wait until the endorsement was finished and after a few week of (long) waiting the CCSP title was awarded on February 8 2019


The exam wasn’t easy but also not that super hard (like CISSP), but you’ll have to know the facts … facts … and all the facts.


Exam preparation

The preparation for my CCSP was all self-study, as i was confident that CISSP gives a huge foundation and the cloud concepts are all around us. I just had to have the right video’s and books.
The outline is almost the same as my CISSP preparation ...
(don't change the recipe Smiley Wink )


Study materials:

The following books helped me with the studying:

  • CCSP (ISC)2 Certified Cloud Security Professional Official Study Guide 1st Edition
    (978-1119277415) by Brian T. O’Hara and Ben Malisow.
  • CCSP Certified Cloud Security Professional All-in-One Exam Guide 1st Edition
    (978-1259835469 ) by Daniel Carter
  • CCSP Official (ISC)2 Practice Tests 1st Edition
    (978-119449225) by Ben Malisow


Both CCSP books are a good read and cover most of the materials. The All-in-One Guide is more helpfull if you want to read per domain, Sybex uses a different approach which make the book an easy reader.


Beside the courseware books you should also check out the following documents :

  • CSA Security Guidance v4
  • CSA Cloud controls Matrix
  • Enisa Cloud Computing Risk Assessment
  • NIST 800-125 Guide to Security for Full Virtualization Technologies
  • NIST 800-144 Guidelines on security and Privacy in Plublic Cloud Computing
  • NIST 800-145 Definition of Cloud Computing
  • NIST 800- 146 Cloud Computing Synopsis and Recommendations
  • NIST 500-292 Cloud Computing Reference Architecture

Practice tests

Practice … practice and more practice! Doing practice exams preps you for the official exam and helps you discover the nasty words like Best, Least likey, Most likey.


I started with CCSP Official Practice Tests and on the last day i used the exam engine that comes with the CCSP Certified Cloud Security Professional All-in-One Exam. Found them both very helpfull.



Allthough i have passed the CISSP i must admit being a bit nervous as people say that it’s also a hard test to pass. But in my opinion it’s was a very solid exam and did test you pretty good! I think i finished under 90 minutes and received the Provisionally passed message!


Above is a copy/paste from my blogpost, so if you need links to the preparation material, just take a look:


Blogpost: Passed my (ISC)² CCSP exam! 


Cheers!Smiley Very Happy

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Newcomer II

Re: Officially CCSP now!


Newcomer I

Re: Officially CCSP now!

I passed my CCSP exam two days ago. How long ago did you pass your CISSP exam? My learning path was quite similar, however I do recommend also using the Official (ISC)² Guide to the CCSP CBK, Second Edition. The chapters in the CBK line up with the CCSP domains. For me this gives some extra confidence while learning. I studied the CBK front to back and used the Sybex book to look up topics that I didn't completely understood after reading the CBK.


For practice questions I used Although there are not too many questions in their set, the way of posing those questions gives me the right mindset for the exam. I used cccure also for my CISSP exam.


Although there is a lot of overlap between CISSP and CCSP, I really did have to study hard to get confidence in my knowledge. Compared to the CISSP exam, the CCSP exam felt much easier to me. After finishing the exam I didn't worry about the result as I felt really sure I passed.

Viewer II

Re: Officially CCSP now!

Do we get an ID card and certificate like we did for CISSP?  I got my pass message Jan 31. 

Newcomer I

Re: Officially CCSP now!

Yes you do, check the Welcome mail from the member support.

Your welcome kit (including your ID card and certificate) will be shipped to the address above within 8 – 12 weeks.

I'm also waiting for this ... just takes time Smiley Happy
Viewer II

Re: Officially CCSP now!

Sweet! Maybe another PIN too.  I need more flair!  Congratulations to you.