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Member Count Review from Last Quarter

I made a spreadsheet from the October 2017 ISC2 member counts and compared it with the numbers released at the beginning of January.


Looks like the CISSP is making slow and steady growth and the SSCP had a nice kick (by percentage) in growth.  





The CCSP is seeing a large jump in numbers worldwide as cloud projects come to the forefront.  


The most anemic growth is in the CISSP-ISSAP concentration that added only seven worldwide.  I wanted to add ISSAP to my educational plan for the end of 2017 but with an abrupt change in the CBT and the lack of study material, I settled on learning and passing the CCSP.









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Re: Member Count Review from Last Quarter

I'm happy to see that I am not the only one checking the member counts.  Smiley Happy 


I started researching certifications around mid-2016. After I was granted my CSSLP in Dec 2016, I immersed myself in Oracle certifications (which nicely fit into my CSSLP domains for CPE credit) until Sep 2017, so I missed capturing the counts for a few quarters.  At the end of 2017 I started working towards the SSCP and checking (ISC)² counts again.  The averages from the 3 quarters I missed appear to have had higher increases for a great many of the certs (CISSP, ISSAP, SSCP, CAP, CSSLP, CCSP) than in 2016, and most of those were also higher than 4Q 2017. 


I'm curious to see if the CISSP numbers change with the new test format next quarter! 


member_counts.png(ISC)² Member Counts




--- Kim Jordan, CSSLP, SSCP
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Re: Member Count Review from Last Quarter

I am wondering about the numbers over the next quarter as well but if there is an increase that could be for many reasons, not just the testing format change.


It was announced that the CBK is changing in April and with that, the test will change soon after.  So people the people that need the incentive to get it done will see that as a deadline.  



Have a great weekend and thanks for keeping up with the numbers.




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Re: Member Count Review from Last Quarter

Updating the certificate counts, since the URL does not keep historic records. Apparently, the update frequency has been reduced to 6 months (from 3).


Total Certs120,249125,980138,903151,508


Also, from the Annual reports, here are the member counts.


Date Member Count Daily Growth
12/31/2018          138,53018.8
12/31/2017          131,67632.4
2/21/2017          121,52324.9
12/4/2015          110,45423.4
12/1/2014          101,85516.9
12/31/2012            90,00013.7
12/31/2011            85,000 


Daily growth =  Δ count / # days

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Re: Member Count Review from Last Quarter

I love data analysis. What can you say about growth of the certifications OUTSIDE of the USA?