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Defender I

Life Long Learning

On  October 29, 2020, Community member Sean Haynes, CISSP, @sarhaynes  moderated a panel for the IEEE-HKN Experience 2020 on the topic

Lifelong Learning, Certification & Licensure.

HKN (Eta Kappa Nu) is the honorary fraternity for engineers. The panel discussion was aimed primarily at students in undergrad and graduate level engineering degree programs, but overall the content may be helpful for those in a wide variety of professions.

Sean  recruited me to be a member of the panel through a posting here on the community. 

A video of our one hour panel discussion is now available on YouTube at

Life-Long Learning, Certification, & Licensure - IEEE-HKN Experience 2020




How do formal credentials relate to professional development across your career? What are the differences among various types of credentials? In particular, how do certifications and licenses differ? Where should you devote your time, energy, and money in this arena? Why should you care? Panel members discussed these issues, offering comments and recommendations based on their own career experiences and those of their colleagues in academia and industry.
Moderator Sean Haynes. Panel members Jennifer Young Baker, Gregg Vaughn, Cragin Shelton.






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Advocate I

Re: Life Long Learning

Opened this in a new window. Will listen later but I like the idea as something that would help bolster the field.


- b/eads