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Job Opportunity: Senior Cyber Security Engineer at Corvid Technologies

Please send resumes to:


Senior Cyber Security Engineer

Mooresville, NC


This is a Mid-Senior or Director Level job.

Essential Education and Certifications

  • A Security+ and CISSP and CCNA certificate a PLUS

  • Must be able to obtain a Security Clearance (US Citizen)


The Senior Cyber Security Engineer must identify the best solutions to meet Corporate security controls. The engineer must be able to integrate these solutions to provide a complete security solution that meets NIST SP requirements. Must be able to apply security requirements to functional elements of the system to develop system security architecture and a system security description.

  • Ensure system security compliance is achieved, maintained, and reported to management and Federal agencies.

  • Accurately characterize enterprise risk and help to lead remediation efforts

  • Analyze, interpret, and recommend solutions for system shortfalls, discrepancies, or improvements in technologies and security requirements

  • Completes overall system integration and test

  • Supports patch management and vulnerability assessment

  • Participates in and supports penetration testing of the system

  • Contributes to development of enhancing system defensive capabilities

Essential Skills and Experience

  • 5+ years of experience analyzing security controls for systems under design or deployed in operational environments

  • Knowledge of information assurance and security policies, procedures, directives, and frameworks, including DoD 8500 series, NIST SPs, DCID 6/3, DoDAF, and HSPD-12, and how they affect a security solution

  • 5+ years of experience providing engineering analysis, design and support for firewalls, routers, networks and operating systems.

  • Experience with leading security design or analysis tasks

  • 5+ years of experience working with relevant operating system security (Windows, Solaris, Linux, etc.)

  • 5+ years of experience working with leading firewall, network scanning and intrusion detection products and authentication technologies

Job Type: Full-time

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