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IT Security Consultant - City of Austin, Department - Austin Energy


Austin Energy seeks an IT Security Consultant. Location: Austin Texas. Position type: Full Time



Austin Energy seeks an IT Security Consultant. This position will ensure secure elevated access to energy network resources with strong assurance of appropriate auditing, accountability, and reporting; administer Privileged Access Management system; author policies, standards, and procedures; mentor others; provide cybersecurity awareness; communicate with all levels of staff; assist with gathering NERC-CIP evidence for regulatory compliance; partner with others to ensure security requirements are defined, documented, and achieved.

This position requires a Financial and NERC-CIP background investigation and the ability to travel to more than one work location.

Working with Austin Energy provides a number of health and welfare benefits such as low-cost medical, dental, vision, paid leave time, a highly competitive retirement plan, career development opportunities and more.



1. Plan, design, implement, monitor risk mitigation and compliance of security measures, and policies and procedures
2. Manage response to high-level information security issues
3. Provide security program leadership in designing, procuring and implementing secure IT solutions for enterprise-wide application and infrastructure-related projects including business continuity and disaster recovery plans
4. Develop, maintain and publish documentation for enterprise-wide information technology security standards, procedures and guidelines.
5. Maintain awareness of security industry trends and identify areas where existing information or physical security infrastructure requires change or development
6. Provide risk assessments and security briefings to advise on critical issues that may affect security of enterprise infrastructure or business process
7. Perform computer security incident response to possible security breaches or policy violations.
8. Perform information and physical security investigations
9. Develop security awareness and compliance training programs
10. Consult on projects or project manage security implementations and development 



  • Privileged Access Management (PAM) Technologies
  • Regulatory Audits
  • Formal Interaction and Communication with Executives
  • Conducting Cybersecurity Awareness and Training
  • Microsoft and Linux Operating Systems
  • Supporting and/or Leading Complex Projects
  • Authoring/Publishing Policies, Standards and Procedures
  • CISSP or other Information Security Certification
  • Ability to travel to more than one work location

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

• Knowledge in networking, wireless, databases, applications and system operations and how they interact with each other
• Knowledge of enterprise information security systems and implementation
• Knowledge of securing different types of systems 
• Knowledge of industry and department best practices, requirements and policies and procedures
• Skills in security assessments and recommendations
• Skill in analyzing and investigation of information security trends
• Skill in mentoring and monitoring daily work activities of others
• Skill in selecting and using training/instructional methods and procedures
• Skill in documenting and maintaining complex application and process or configuration information
• Skill in identifying complex problems and implementing solutions
• Ability to educate various personnel regarding information security
• Ability to identify trends as well as isolated events
• Ability to accurately identify/determine customer needs and take appropriate actions and/or steps to address identified needs
• Ability to recognize, value, and include different perspectives, experiences, approaches, and cultures in achieving organizational goals
• Ability to gain and maintain the trust and confidence of others and the organization through consistency and reliability



If you meet the qualifications listed above please apply at:


Closing date: 01/10/2021

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Community Champion



Just a suggestion. If this is a full time employee, get rid of the word Consultant and replace it with Manager if they oversee the security program and staff. Also, try aligning job titles and descriptions from here: NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework Work Roles 


We have an issue within the industry of aligning job titles to responsibilities. If we as a whole try our best and pull from authoritative sources like this we can help combat the issue. 

Newcomer I

Get some initial experience in an entry-level Information Technology (IT) or information security position. Rise to the role of a security administrator, analyst, engineer, or auditor. Gain some appropriate information security certifications. Begin your career as a bonafide cybersecurity consultant.







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"This is the way," says a former Mandalorian Bounty Hunter who is now consulting in the tradecraft.