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Dress code



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The lat bit reminds me of the covers of Cisco certification manuals. Who does data center work wearing a tie and collar, let alone heels? That might be the type of mistake someone makes once
-- wdf//CISSP, CSSLP
Community Champion

Definitely remember EDS.  Definitely remember Ross Perot-"a hand grenade with a bad hair cut" one of my fav radio personalities would call him.  


Being a contractor all of my professional career, either direct or indirect, I was always fighting that battle of dress code in a data center.  My subtle way of getting management to rethink their posture was to womp up this big issue that only they could assist with and get them in the grungiest part of the data center where there was no chance of coming out unscathed.  Tears in slacks that went with $500+ suits at that time just didn't go over too well. I won and my teams would be ecstatic because they weren't paid the salary that it required to wear and maintain suits.

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It is a shame that today we still need to address dress code when considering security professionals.  I believe the intent is to ensure those "professionals" who often times are working remotely dress professionally when they are meeting with their clients.  When there appears to be a doubt or a need to promote fair positive culture it is always best to spell out expectations.