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Don’t be getting too high…

My recent experience while applying to some high-level jobs have taught me a few things. I wish that ‘envy’ did not play a role in hiring decisions – but it does of course. On several occasions, my resume suggested that I was more qualified than the person interviewing me. On a couple other occasions, I felt like a psychologist, listening to the complaints of senior people who should have been interviewing me for a job. Frustrated by their own lack of apparent certification accomplishments, they find a way to disqualify me for an opportunity. Just yesterday, an HR manager called me fuming that the person who should have been calling me in for a technical interview refused to even meet with me – now how odd is that?


Lucky for me, I still have more opportunities, and better yet, firm offers on the table that I am mulling. I have better luck as a contractor, but it would have been nice to have something more certain and close to home.


I have now learned to go onto and research key businesses and their hiring managers. I tried “dumbing-down” my resume. I suspect that I will get more call-ins, albeit less hits. It’s just an experiment. I will give it a month or so and report back what I find.



Lamont Robertson
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Yeah. You are feeling like a failure somewhere

> in your life and I hope you find peace


Thank-you for proving my points exactly!!!


Like I said Lamont a couple of pages ago, how you want to handle this is completely up to you.  If you want to make things personal, I can respond it in kind.  I'm following your lead.  I've learned though reading comprehension isn't your strong suit... I have to repeat myself to you a lot.


If you want to be grown up about this and take making assumptions about people and being negative to others (and then wonder why you're not getting offer letters), we can have a great discussion about that too.


You appear to mostly take the low road though.  So I'm down in the gutter with you know so I can get through to you!


get a girlfriend or something.


Ha!  So you're a genderphobe and homophobe too!


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Thank you to everyone who has participated in this thread.


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