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Developing yourself and your staff. A different take on cyber security training.

For those of you aspiring to reach the heights of CISO you should learn about things outside of cyber like, body language, leadership, the science of persuasion (I really like Robert Cialdini's work) and other psychological traits that can help you in meetings, interactions, and development of your staff. Too often we tend to think cyber training HAS to be related to technology, but I would challenge your assumptions on this topic. Below is a small list of videos that cover a wide range of topics. I could make a really long list but youtube tends to help us out by suggesting other videos that are similar to the one we just watched. I will let you go down that rabbit hole yourself. This list is just to get you kick started and maybe alter your thinking about cyber training and give you ideas to spice up your next staff meeting.


These are some youtube sites that I like and that you can watch to learn various things. As a leader I used to play 2 of these at our staff meetings. We would then sit and discuss them. Some times I would pause the video during it if I felt a teaching moment had arisen.  My employees loved this. It ensured that staff meetings were never boring. While some of these are not 100% cyber related, they teach things that are necessary to know in your self improvement and they can probably be related to cyber in some way. In this list is everything from cyber security to guitar playing. You may be asking yourself; Now why would I want to learn or teach my staff about guitar playing if I am trying to be or train a cyber expert? Well truth be told while the instructor does play the guitar, he is really asking you to challenge the restricting belief that things are not possible and explore the possibilities of "But what if I could..." (video #6 in the list)


I did not link each one but you can just copy from the https until right before the dash. If that doesn't work you can just search youtube for the title of the video. The length of time is the last numbers. 

1: - Science of persuasion 11.51
2: - 12 Psychology Tricks to persuade anyone 13.25
3: - Robert Cialdini - The 6 Principles of XInfluence 14.55
4: - The psychological trick behind getting people to say yes 8.06
5: - Body Language, the power is in the palm of your hands - Allan Pease - Tedx
6: - I Know I Can't, But What if I Could? Tedx NASA - Mike Rayburn
7: - Top hacker shows us how it's done - Pablos Holman - TedxMidwest -17.49
8: - Why I teach people how to hack - Ymir Vigfusson - TedxReykjavik 16.17
9: - The Dark Net isn't what you think. It's actually key to our privacy | Alex Winter | TEDxMidAtlantic
10: - The dark side of the web -- exploring darknets | Kyle Terry | TEDxSalem 14.25
11: -- How great leaders inspire action - Simon Sinek 18.34
12: - Your body language may shape who you are - Amy Cuddy - 21.03
13: - The psychology of self-motivation - Scott Geller 15.53 - printout

13: - The Unstoppable force - The real difference between success and failure - TedxSFU 17:59
14: - Beautiful minds are free from fear - Robert Grant - TedxOrangeCoast
15: - Go with your gut feeling - Magnus Walker TedxUCLA
16: - Programming your mind for success - Carrie Green 15:31
18: - Why TED talks don't change anything
19: - The 110 techniques of communication and public speaking | 16.51
20: - More than funny | Michael Jr. | 19.45
21: - The Snowden files -- the inside story of the world’s most wanted man | Luke Harding |18.56
22: - Confessions of a Cyber Spy Hunter: Eric Winsborrow - 20.48
23: - Cyber Self-Defense | Paul Carugati | - Basic Cyber security talk - 15 min
24: - Cybersecurity every day | Jaya Baloo |16.10
25: - The magical science of storytelling | David JP Phillips | 16.44
26: - Arnold Schwarzenegger 2019 - The speech that broke the internet - Motivational & Inspiring 14.57
27: - Jim's 1993 ESPY Speech 11:14
28: - How To Be Confident In Any Situation | 11.33
29: - 5 Rules to Follow as You Find Your Spark by Simon Sinek | 16.50 but start at 1:22

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Thank you for sharing not only the content, but also the method through which you have used it to increase staff engagement. Soft skills are far more important to being in leadership than the technical side. You certainly still need to be keep technical skills sharp, but being able to lead people, manage change, and work through conflict resolution are just as much if not more so important.