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Casaba Security is Hiring in Seattle

Casaba Security, LLC 

SDL program development, penetration testing, reverse engineering, and software engineering 


Who is Casaba? 

Casaba Security is a cybersecurity consulting firm based in Seattle and in business for over a decade. The term cybersecurity encompasses the entire technology stack we all use on a daily basis, from the services and components to the raw data. From the mobile device in your pocket, to the desktop software and cloud services you use every day, to the mission-critical systems that power our lives, Casaba has been there to design and test security. 


What kind of work does Casaba do? 


We are security advisors, engineers, and testers. From threat modeling to penetration testing to writing secure code, there are many aspects of the niche focus we call security that take place on a daily basis. We at Casaba work on long-term engagements building and executing security programs for our clients, and we work on short-term jobs that may span a few days or a few weeks of investigating a new cloud service, video game, mobile platform, or retail outlet. There is plenty of variety to this work, and while the field of cybersecurity itself has many niches, there is a certain amount of generalized technology knowledge that is required. 


Positions and Job Description 


We have immediate openings for junior, senior, and principal security consultants. This is your opportunity to be as resourceful as you want, develop your skills, and learn from and contribute to leading software development and security testing efforts. Casaba offers competitive salaries, profit sharing, medical benefits, and a terrific work/life balance. Casaba Security is an equal opportunity employer. 


All positions are located in the Seattle metro area. Remote positions are not available, although we will provide relocation assistance for the right candidates. 


Do you like finding bugs in code? Have you built fuzzers, searched source code for vulnerabilities, or spotted defects in software designs? Do the terms threat modeling, buffer overflow, race condition, cross-site scripting, or SQL injection mean anything to you? Do you enjoy reverse engineering malware or attacking protocols? Can you discuss the security implications of router misconfigurations? Do you enjoy scanning and mapping networks, building tools to automate penetration testing or other tasks? If so, then we have a job for you. 


Do not worry if your security skills are not as sharp as you would like. If you have a background in network administration, systems administration, or software development then we would like to talk to you. If you have aptitude in the aforementioned areas, we can teach you the skills necessary to execute the types of security testing we perform for clients. This is a great opportunity if you have been wanting to break into the security industry. 


Desired Skills & Experience 


You should have strong skills in some of the following areas: 

  • Web application development and deployment 
  • .NET framework, ASP.NET, AJAX, JSON and web services 
  • Application development 
  • Mobile development (Android, iOS, etc.) 
  • Debugging and disassembly 
  • Operating system internals (Linux, Windows, etc.) 
  • Cloud services (AWS, Azure, etc.) 
  • Networking (protocols, routing, addressing, ACLs, etc.) 

If you have a development background you should know one or more programming languages. We do not have any hard and fast requirements, but often use and encounter: 

  • JavaScript 
  • C/C++ 
  • C#/.NET 
  • Python 
  • Ruby 
  • Assembly 

Of course, having skills in any of the following areas is a definite plus: 

  • Web application security 
  • Source code analysis 
  • Malware and reverse engineering 
  • Cryptography 
  • Cloud security 
  • Database security 
  • Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) 
  • PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), HIPAA, ISO 27001 or Sarbanes-Oxley 
  • Vulnerability assessment 
  • Network penetration testing 
  • Physical security 

It is also a plus if you have strengths and past experience in: 

  • Clear and confident oral and written communication skills 
  • Security consulting 
  • Project management 
  • Creative and critical thinking 
  • Music composition 
  • Cake baking and/or pie creation 

Additional Information 

Employment Type: Full-time 
Functions: Consulting 
Industries: Computer & Network Security 
Compensation: Competitive salary DOE + profit sharing 
Travel: Occasional travel may be required 

Applicants must be U.S. citizens and be able to pass a criminal background check. 


We pay regular bonuses to all employees and reward based on performance, whitepapers and tool development, speaking engagements, and helping us recruit new talent. We also offer all employees a Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) after a period of tenure. It is a unique opportunity to be afforded this type of retirement package over the more traditional 401k. We pay health insurance for employees and dependents and offer generous paid vacation and sick leave. 


Check out for more information. 


To apply, please email with contact information and résumé. 


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