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Where di my CPE's go ?



So, after about 2 years of not entering CPE's after having completed my allotment way ahead of time, I started my new cycle and added 5 CPE posts in the relevant area about half ab hour ago.


I am still waiting to see what I entered on the CPE screen.


How long does it take these days for something you enter to appear on the CPE list ?


In the far past, what you entered was immediately visible.


Is this no longer the case ?


I do not want to re-enter things multiple times just because the system has changed in such a way that I need to wait hours before what I enter becomes visible on the list.


I am attaching the picture that shows that I only have my rollover CPE's listed.


Also, if we are already going to talk about things, It's not possible that I can have "Page 1 of 0"... You all should get that stuff fixed as well.


So, any update on when I can hope to see what I've entered would be appreciated.




Mike Glassman, CISSP
Iguana man
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@tommy1 wrote:

I've been asking question about why my CPE doesn't show up automatically, but all they answered was just telling me to input it manually. They don't even bother to investigate or give proper explanation.

Presuming you are asking about Bright Talk "submitted on behalf" CPEs not showing up within a week or two.


"Why" has a pretty easy answer.  When you first created your bright talk account and attended your first (ISC)² sponsored event, you were prompted to enter your Member ID#.

If you declined or entered a fake number, your CPEs will not be credited to your account.


"How to fix" is less obvious.  The member id# seems to be stashed invisibly on Bright Talk's side.  The only way I have found to fix it is to delete one's Bright Talk account and create a new one to force the prompt to reappear.


If you go down this route, first download all your CPE certificates as PDFs and keep a local copy so you have evidence if needed.  You should be doing this anyways because Bright Talk only keeps evidence for your most recently watched events, which can be a shorter time-period than the "look back" period for auditors.