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Questions about CPE

Hi everyone.

I am fairly new here and have a question about how CPEs are logged. I have watched a few webinars and completed one skill builder course, yet my dashboard still shows 0 CPEs. I've heard that it can take a few days to see the updated CPEs listed on my profile, but some of them have to be reported manually by me. How do I know which CPEs have to be self-reported and which ones just need a few days to be automatically logged?

Thanks in advance,



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Community Champion

I believe CPEs entered for you should be on a monthly cycle - so note down what you did and give it a month, member services will respond if you email them.

Newcomer I

Hello Ayelen,


I assume you're referring to BrightTalk webinar. Most of the time it's indicated in the registration email invitation, with the CPE score that you will get at the end of the session. If you choose to view a webinar from what's offered in the website, make it a rule of thumb 1 CPE per 60 minutes view. Add it manually. Later if it happens to auto-report, then you may delete your manually-added one. Security precaution in case it might not auto-report.


In case of ISC2 courses, they should auto-report around the first week of next month. Same principle, I just manually report, and delete if/when they are auto-reported later.


PS. All my BrightTalk webinars and ISC2 courses were auto-reported, so far so good. 🙂




Community Champion

Hi there,



Further to what @Early_Adopter said, it really helps to keep a record of your CPEs --- say, an excel worksheet wherein you track the dates, names, source & status --- which would let you track them & decide on whether its time for them to have shown up automatically & to add them on your own.


ISC2 provides loads of webinars to contribute to one's CPEs; Check out for a list of these, & ensure that you've subscribed to these channels on the hosting site Brighttalk --- a single registration there & a proper linking to your ISC2 member ID should buy you a lot of time for a future holiday...  😄


As @junghyun said, these would be added to your CPE list on ISC2 automatically, although there's often a 'waiting period' of a few days --- so be prepared to test your patience. If CPEs don't get added as expected, you can either contact support with the details, or add them yourself assuming ample time has elapsed, so long as you delete any duplicates that may result from them getting added automatically later.


Other CPE sources, such as 3rd party vendor webinars, training courses, item writing (for exams), etc. may call for manually adding the CPEs to your ISC2 account.


In all cases, be sure to download & retain the certificates for these CPEs --- they'll be immensely useful in the event of an audit or even amnesia...  😋


Just in case you haven't already found related posts on the community, enjoy: - 




Shannon D'Cruz,
Viewer III


CPEs for passed ISC2 Insights Quizes used to be registered automatically. I assume that this is not the case any more, as I took a quiz for one week ago, and still no CPE are registered. Is that correct or am I facing a techicall issue?

As recommended, I will register manually, and later on remove them if they get auto registered.