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Community Manager

New Cybersecurity Content and News Site From (ISC)²

(ISC)² has adopted a new approach to creating and publishing editorial content such as our news, features, opinions and other educational journalism. This new content site replaces InfoSecurity Professional Magazine. 


Learn more about this content hub on the blog where we explain what it is, how to earn CPE credits and how members can have their own content/articles published:



(ISC)² News & Insights: 


ISC2 Community Manager
3 Replies

Please make the content compatible with RSS readers so we can subscribe to notifications and read offline.
Newcomer II

The target for these pages has changed. I cannot access what this was pointing to until fairly recently as I needed CPEs just about 2 months ago for my CISSP.


When I go to member benefits page and click on the link there, the page doesn't come up:


I don't know which of these links is meant to work now but this is not showing what I used to see.


Has the older page and benefit been discontinued? Why was this not announced?

Community Champion

The link for me on the CPE opportunities page is:  "ISC2 News and Insights", If you stumble across a page with an old link, I suggest reporting the parent page to member services so they can get it updated.


The news quiz is harder to find.  Have not yet found it in their maze of menus, but with Google, I was able to figure out that the direct link is: