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Claim CPE for studying for other certifications

Hello Community


I know this question has been asked however I can't find an exact answer for my query

I am currently studying for the CCSP, and have devoted well more than 50 hours cross various training materials. I have not however yet taken the exam, and plan to do so early next year.


In the meantime, I understand that I can claim credits for self study, however I'm not sure about how many I can claim? Most posts suggest a maximum of 30 hours can be claimed, however I did see one post which say 40 CPEs can be claimed as well.


Is there an upper limit on the amount of CPEs that can be claimed for self study in pursuit of another certification?




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@kmittal82 & @Budoka 


Thank you for your kind words.

CPE credits relate to actually learning something so it is based on the time spent learning/furthering your education so that's why they count toward the studying but not the actual time spent taking the exam. I hope that makes sense. 


Yes, please send Member Support an email with your exact question. I am not an expert on this topic and I defer to them to answer properly on which sub-category you should submit to. 

ISC2 Community Manager
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Hi @Budoka 

I'm a CISSP studying for CCSP and was wondering under what category you filed your CPE credits.

I'll be studying more than 40 hours so will be at the maximum credits. So 40 credits under what category?

Did you get a reply?

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Record each book, course, etc, separately.
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Any update on which sub-category in the CPE Portal we should submit? 😂🤣
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@AndreaMoore This thread maybe dead, but can someone please confirm the ISC2 CPE submission type for reading an ISACA certification study guide. I selected book and it maxed out at 5 CPEs.