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CPE Questions: Read This First!

This post duplicates my post under Member Support

Before asking a question in the forum on what counts as a CPE, whether a specific activity can count as CPE, or how many you need, PLEASE read the current edition of the CPE Handbook to start your effort. We all need to know the information in the handbook to maintain our certifications.


If you still need help for your question, start a new thread in CPE Opportunities (not a reply to this one), use an informative Subject that will let staff and members know your problem, and cite the section or paragraph in the handbook that is confusing you. [Edited 4/6/2020 to add this paragraph]


If you are unsure what documents you need support a CPE submission, either initially or in audit, check the handbook first. If you do not see clear guidance there, then ask yourself what you would accept if you were performing a due process audit of someone else's claim for that activity or event.  [Edited 4/18/2020 to add this paragraph]


(Obviously, problems with the CPE reporting site do not fall under the handbook.)


Thanks to William @denbesten and Diana @dcontesti for spotting the announcement from Kaity @KaityEagle in the middle of another thread , and thanks to Kaity for pointing out the new edition there.


<Rant> If a certified security professional is unable or unwilling to read the handbook to manage a career in the field, I question that individual's ability to understand and use the many technical and regulatory documents we all must use to do our jobs. Translation: Asking here before reading the rules makes me question whether I would recommend or hire that person.<Rant OFF>



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Accessing the handbook link yields an error


Error: An error occurred with this application.

Your connection is working correctly.

Vercel is working correctly.

This is an error with the application itself, not the platform.

502: BAD_GATEWAYCode: ROUTER_EXTERNAL_TARGET_ERRORID: sin1::pl2s9-1716878049334-4db81641f6df