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Best FREE CPE Oppurtunities? Is there a ISC2 Archive for Previous Webinars?



I need to get 80 more CPE's by August 2022 to renew my CISSP. I normally go to numerous security conferences per year however did not do many in 2019 due to family issues. Then 2020-2021 was COVID and all of my family was out of work so my focus was surviving/extra shifts at work over thinking about CPEs. The other problem is my current job is not that open about me taking off for security conferences, basically I have to use my personal PTO but used most of the PTO due to when I had COVID earlier in the year. I have signed up for Defcon and plan to maximize this weekend.


What are some other good FREE ways to get CPEs? I know SANS has their webcast ( that generate certificate of completion after fully watching each video. However, I would also like to use other sources outside of SANS. I know there is a ISC2 newsletter that reports CPE opportunities but I noticed many require paying for the events. Does ISC2 have an free on demand/archive for previous free webcasts that would generate CPEs after completion?


Also, I know there is the 2 CPEs for the InfoSecurity Professional magazine, can I go back to the previous months to get CPEs or does it have to be only for current and future editions?


Appreciate any help as I really want to spend much of this Fall and Winter catching up on CPEs. I am getting tons of anxiety over this as do not want my CISSP to lapse.


Thank You.

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@lance_nehring that's a good idea - earn CPE credits and get a new certification. 

Others looking to earn CPE credits: just a reminder to register for (ISC)2 Security Congress in October. 


You can earn up to 20 CPE credits live and then earn even more if you watch the rest of the sessions before the end of 2021. They'll be automatically credited to your account. 

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Here are a couple of ways to maintain your knowledge and CPEs up-to-date.
- ISC2 Think Tank webinars,
- Fortinet offers free training and CPE credits in partnership with ISC2,
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And PDI! 50 courses! All online, all on-demand! All free for members!

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Thanks ...



You can watch webinars at There are plenty of them that can provide you with additional CPEs.

Just check that it is organized by ISC2. For example,

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Watch BSides event videos or sign up for an up coming event!



Yes you can go to all previous archived ISC2 Professional magazine, if not covered ever. Ater going through Magazine, you need to take a quiz and passing of this quiz rewards you 2 CPE.


Hope this help!!!


Stay Safe and Healthy


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Hello members,

I am wondering if anyone has used CompTIA resources as for CPEs. I am in their Train-the-Trainer series and earned many exam vouchers that I will start taking in July.

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I know CompTIA accepts (isc)^2 CPE (i.e., from BrightTalk), so I imagine it may be reciprocal.
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I just recently became a member of ISC2 and this question, as well as as, the given answers have greatly helped me better understand the CPE requirement and available opportunities. Thanks.