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Best FREE CPE Oppurtunities? Is there a ISC2 Archive for Previous Webinars?



I need to get 80 more CPE's by August 2022 to renew my CISSP. I normally go to numerous security conferences per year however did not do many in 2019 due to family issues. Then 2020-2021 was COVID and all of my family was out of work so my focus was surviving/extra shifts at work over thinking about CPEs. The other problem is my current job is not that open about me taking off for security conferences, basically I have to use my personal PTO but used most of the PTO due to when I had COVID earlier in the year. I have signed up for Defcon and plan to maximize this weekend.


What are some other good FREE ways to get CPEs? I know SANS has their webcast ( that generate certificate of completion after fully watching each video. However, I would also like to use other sources outside of SANS. I know there is a ISC2 newsletter that reports CPE opportunities but I noticed many require paying for the events. Does ISC2 have an free on demand/archive for previous free webcasts that would generate CPEs after completion?


Also, I know there is the 2 CPEs for the InfoSecurity Professional magazine, can I go back to the previous months to get CPEs or does it have to be only for current and future editions?


Appreciate any help as I really want to spend much of this Fall and Winter catching up on CPEs. I am getting tons of anxiety over this as do not want my CISSP to lapse.


Thank You.

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Scroll to the bottom of the main (ISC)2 page and click on 'CPE Opportunities'. 




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You could take some of the free courses offered to members by (ISC)2.


View some of the Webinars that are posted:


Take quizzes from the InfoSec Professional magazine ((the archive goes back to 2018)  Six issues a year for 3 years would give you about half the CPEs that you need)


Don't forget to claim CPEs for any vendor presentations that you may have attended online.


You could also join one of the free chapter events that are being held online.  A number of chapters post their events on the community.


Hope this helps





Varonis always has good webinars that have CPEs:


Proofpoint also has some ways to get CPEs (but I have always found that their sales people tend to be a bit pushy):

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 I would have to second the PDI courses.  There are some great options there and some great ways to get CPEs

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As many mentioned

  1. ISC2 InfoSecurity Professional Magazine , i think you can go back to early 2020 (Jan Feb), 10 issue already give you 20 CPE
  2. Professional Development Institute, course, labs. etc.
    I find there are new lab course, seem interesting, ICS OT Application-Level DoS Attack, DoS Attacks and Defense, assessing Application Security..etcc
  3. ISC2 Webinar

You should able fill up the extra 80 CPE easily.

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I would say that if you have the time you could easily get the 80 hrs with the SANS Webcast/Conference archive and also RSA Conference archives. Both are free, Just require registering.

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You can go back and do previous quarter ISC Magazines. It's a good start at 2/each.
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These are all great resources. Since you specifically asked about (ISC)2 Archived webinars, I'll include a link to that as well as some other resources for earning CPE credits. 


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I'm in the same boat...  in June I realized that I needed over 80 CPEs by the end of this year (2021) to keep my CISSP.   I've really been impressed with the training, webinars, and the magazine.  I'm down to needing under 40 more CPEs, and I'm seriously thing about doing the CCSP training to fill that gap and get that cert.