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Seeking Confirmation on Official ISC2 App for CISSP Exam Preparation

Hello everyone,

I am currently preparing for the CISSP exam and came across mobile applications that claim to be official ISC2 tools for exam preparation. Here are the links:

- Android: [CISSP, CCSP, SSCP ISC2 Official on Google Play](
- iOS: [CISSP, CCSP, SSCP ISC2 Official on App Store](

Could anyone confirm if these apps are indeed officially endorsed by ISC2 for CISSP exam preparation? Any suggestions or feedback on these apps or other recommended resources would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help!

Best regards,

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Community Champion

No one here will click your links, but I observed that LearnZapp's name appears in one of the URLs you provided.  I am using LearnZapp flash cards for a current CCSP study, and they've been useful.  I'm sure the flash cards for the CISSP program will likewise aid your review!


(spoiler alert: in-app purchases)


And ISC2 does list the app as "official", along with several other resources you might consider looking into.


CISSP Study Tools and Resources (

A claim is as good as its veracity.
Viewer II

Yes this is official application isc2
By learnz app
Get Outlook for Android<>
Community Manager

Hello @CogiDad,


Thank you for asking about this! Yes, the apps - both on Google Play and the Apple store - are Official apps from ISC2. The look of the apps will be going through a refresh soon, but they are official. 


You'll find the app listed on our list of self-study resources (by certification) on our website. Here is the CISSP list in case you are looking for other ways to prepare: