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Hello All, Hope you're well. New joiner for CISSP and I have opted for the self-paced online training. Is anyone interested in forming a study group? Hoping to take the exam by end of 2022.

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Yeah, me too. I think most ppl are here to do exactly that - study for the exam. Except for this thread, there hasn't been much activity in the past 3 weeks. Does any one know other forums that discuss the CISSP?

Forums with questions back and forth have always been a great help to me doing exam preps.

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There are plenty of other sources. Paid training at ever corner and in your face heavily advertised from many sources. So many it's sickening. These forums are hopefully helping to direct you to sources and training. Every learns differently. I bought more books than I read and stuck with those that fit my reading style. Used mostly books with some online video training courses. Most of the "other" forums and social channels kind of helped but were distracting and had other issues. 


Discord and other forums exist if you search for them you will find them. Not going to link them as they "can" be helpful but also consider that there are those there to get certification then there are the modertators and the like that grow egos the size of mountains. Some of their information and direction can be helpful but again, the egos are hard to deal with at times. If you can tolerate it and need mentoring, it might be a good way to go but given the lack of qualifications needed for some of those, you should not expect accuracy or reliability. 


Some resources I found helpful:

1. The Official CISSP Guide to CISSP CBK (Auther Deane) and associated book of pratice questions. 

2. CISSP Certified Information Security Professional Study Guide (Mike Chapple)

3. Wiley press practice questions (accessed free by use of the study guide)

4. Mike Chapple's LinkedIn training series

5. Larry Greenblatt's videos on youtube. 

6. Kelly Handerhan's videos (used to be free on cybrary but think they charge now - some on YouTube). 

7. Boson practice exams. I would probably estimate that these are harder than the actual exam but will challenge your techical competencies. I would not pay for these again but did use them. 


There are many good sources out there to use and likewise, some bad ones. I know this as you begin to master the understanding of this certification and the industry, you find mistakes in what has been published or some sources focussed into the wrong direction. 


Experience REALLY does matter for this exam. I know most want to get it ASAP and with an Associate status you can do this in a pending state. However, the experience is what helps you most on this exam. Decisions and actions of a CISO managing real scenarios is the focus. In the real world, the challenges, the landscape, and the threats change constantly. Your greatest strengths are mastering this level of ability and less on trying to memorize some granular technical aspect. 


Good luck! 

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Hi Ayada,


Thank you for your post. I am taking the exam around the same time. I am interested in studying together, email me at



Hi, I am interested too, please let me know if you have formed the study group. Thanks, FANA


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I'm intersted!


Hello, sure I would love to join the group!

Im new to this and would love to join a study group. Something consistent to help prepare for my attempt early 2023.

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Yes Interseted

Please add me to you group as well. Planning for Jan'23.