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Giving the CISSP another go

Hello all,


I last took the CISSP in early 2022.  I was unsuccessful.  I set it aside due to personal issues in life and now I am ready to go at it once again.  


I will be doing self study so any and all suggestions are welcomed.  Thanks in advance

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Community Champion

Good to hear you're taking another swing.


First things first, if you're looking for a free class, you might give Rob Slade a watch on LinkedIn.  He records videos of himself walking around his town, lecturing to no one, and recording his lectures for our posterity.


Next, pick up Chapple's 9th edition Official Study Guide.  Not just for learning and thoroughness, but because I can't count how many times I've used that book as a reference when doing work.  You might also consider the CBK, but I personally haven't read Arthur Deane's sixth edition.


If you buy both, read both. Twice.  Make lots of notes.


And ask questions here.  Make us work!

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Newcomer I

I took a bootcamp to get my CISSP. To supplement that training I bought Destination CISSP A Concise Guide. It matched up really well and comes with practice questions. Got the book through Amazon. 


Good luck,




Newcomer I

I passed the CISSP exam last month and did that by studying the official Sybex book... at least twice and with my own notes. I also did the 1400 (?) questions that Sybex offers in both their practise book as well as in their app.

I liked the app the most because you can use it on your smartphone but also on your computer.

With the browser version I could see what questions I didn't answer yet and even get a list of those I failed.

So my tip is to take a lot of practise questions and learn from that.