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Community Manager

Welcome to the CCSP Study Group

Welcome to the CCSP Certification Study Group. 


This is an open discussion forum for those studying for the CCSP certification.This forum provides an opportunity to connect with others preparing for the exam. Please follow all Community Guidelines regarding usage of this group, including adhering to the exam confidentiality policy. 


View our Community Usage Policies and Guidelines.


Adhere to (ISC)² Exam Confidentiality

  1. Discussing (ISC)² examination items, answers and responses with other individuals is a violation of the (ISC)² Examination Non-Disclosure Agreement that is signed prior to taking an (ISC)² examination. Any posts related to this will be removed, and users found to be in violation may face penalties.
  2. General discussions about exams that do not share specific exam items are permissible. We encourage Community members to help candidates prepare themselves for success and share their own experiences without disclosing any information that could compromise the integrity of the exam process.

ISC2 Community Manager
12 Replies


Do not lose heart!

I took the test yesterday and I nailed it.

I took all the CBK test and help to understand where I need to study deeper.

If you want to chat and talk how I made it, just tell me.


Janeth G.
Newcomer I

Hello - I would like to chat with you about your study strategy to pass the CCSP exam. Please let me know when you are free to connect over Webex, Teams, or Zoom. 


Thanks much in advance, 


Daniel K. Leung 

Newcomer I

I would be happy to join the group, im taking the exam and of the month