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Newcomer I

Tips for passing CCSP - Passed 30-06-2023 - 1st Attempt

Glad to share that I have passed CCSP exam yesterday on my first attempt.



Despite holding CISA and CISSP , I felt that CCSP exam was really hard.



Study materials used:


  1. Official CCSP Study Guide- 4th Edition (3 cover to cover thorough reads)
  2. Official CCSP Practice Test- 3rd Edition.
  3. CCSP course on LinkedIn by Mike Chapple.
  4. Prepare for the CCSP exam by Gwen Bettwy on Udemy


 Here are my tips and tricks for passing exam:


  1. Read the study text cover to cover thoroughly and make sure that you understand the concepts before jumping to solve the practice questions.
  2. All the concepts should be crystal clear to you and you must know the difference between related concepts e.g., Portability & Interoperability or BCP & DRP. A few questions in the exam really tested the understanding of related concepts.
  3. Don’t think like a too technical person, rather think like a manager who is going to advise people to implement certain controls.
  4. Use the elimination method to eliminate the wrong answers from MCQZ and then focus on choosing the right answer.
  5. Try to remember the ISO, NIST references mentioned in CCSP CBK but don’t overkill it. I just got 1 question related to that.
  6. The actual exam is one way street you cannot flag or go back to previous question so be mindful of that.
  7. Don’t lose your calm during the exam and remain focused. I only managed to complete 40 question during the first hour and was pretty sure that I wont be able to pass the exam based on the difficulty of question.
  8. I felt like there was ample time to answer 150 question and managed to easily complete in around 3.5 hours.


All the best for your journey!

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Newcomer I

Congrats on your achievement pretty impressive and thanks for sharing your exam experience with us.

I will follow your recommendations for studying 


Hello @awais1116 @Durmani ,


Where can i get the official CCSP study material.


Thank you in advance.

Newcomer I

Hello Mohid,
There are view sources the
1-official study guide.
2-Udmey Prepare for CCSP exam all 6 domainsby Gwen Betwy.
Buy the course when it udemy has sale
I bought for around $17.
This lady is amazing pro in field and teaching style is hands on
Her YT channel is Tactical security Inc
She has 27 videos related to CCSP alone.
3-Cybrary portal it offers free courses for cyber security from time to time.
Also fellow Peter zinger he has exam prep videos totaling 11 hours on YT
And before your exam a final prep this is your key to passing with alot of time to spare don't rush through th exam I recommend and encourage you to buy it if you can it will come handy and helpful
Get Mike Wills book
Official Pratice Test 3rd edition
Hope that will help good luck and study hard
Newcomer II

I too passed the CCSP on the first attempt, today, 01/04/2024.  The only resource I used was the official ISC2 CCSP online self-paced training.  It took me about 6 weeks of preparation to achieve.  I did not find the exam overly difficult, but I do have a lot of experience in cybersecurity in multiple roles (operations, GRC, leadership, etc).  If you take the time to understand the material, the exam is not too difficult a the end of the day.  Good luck with your preparation!


Hi thanks for sharing your experience. 

Can you also provide me more info on how did you get the CCSP books that you mentioned? and how much time did the course take you for study?


Is there a free mock test available? I want to try the test before enrolling.