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Retake CCSP Exam

Hi Friends


I appeared in CCSP Exam las week and couldn't pass , it was frustrating as I had to travel to another city + hotel stay which is nearly equivalent to the exam cost 🙂


Study Material:

  1. (ISC)2 CCSP Official Study Guide
  2. 250+ practice questions part of the book.
  3. 500+ other practice test questions.
  4. 3+ years cloud security hands on experience.


  1. Cloud Concepts, Architecture and Design and Cloud Data Security was below proficiency and rest is above.
  2. None of the question was even close to the above practice exams, I feel like I am being tested based on real life work experience.
  3. Question such as related to Fuzzing , FedRAMP , FIPS, public wifi hot-spot etc was bit unexpected and new.
  4. Overall feeling during or after the test that I am OK but when I saw the result , i was shocked.

Any advise before I rebook my exam 😞

any good practice test or learning videos?


thanks in advance.



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Newcomer III

The unexpected questions may have been beta/pre-test ones in the exam. I used the Sybex book. For cloud security I found CSA and NIST no cost documents the most helpful. You might look into (ISC)2’s self-study course. Best wishes.
Newcomer I

can we flag CCSP questions and revisit them or once question is submitted with answer its done?

Viewer II

Hello.  Unfortunately NO, you can't flag a question and go back to revisit.  You have to answer it before moving on to the next one and there is no going back.  I'm not a fan - I'd rather address all I can quickly and come back to re-think possible answers.

Newcomer III


Hi @technologist - sorry to hear about that, but I can tell you that it's very possible to pass!  Agreed that this test wasn't as well covered by the study materials as, say, the CISSP seemed to be.  But you can definitely do it!


If it helps you, rather than rehash it, I've linked my own post about how I passed.  Mind you, my background is not technical, so even us compliance folks can pass if we stick to a good plan.


Get back up, create a solid plan, think positively!  You can do this!