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Passed CCSP- My Suggestions and experience

Hello CCSP enthusiasts,


I've passed CCSP in my second attempt. Here are some tips that I followed:


1. Don't think like a technologist while answering the questions, solve the problem from a broader perspective and your thought process for any scenarios should be from the eyes of  leadership and management roles.


2. Answer should be more generic rather specific, when all options seem correct.


3. This test is not facts based, no need to remember figures and acronyms.


4. Crystal clear understanding of each concept mentioned in the CCSP Exam Outline, I mean what it is for, how it works, how can we use it, how does it help to secure a particular scenario, usually in cloud domain, pros and cons of it


5. Most Challenging areas in Cloud service solutions from the perspective of all 6 domains, for instance Support of digital forensics from Domain 5


6. No specific guide, pick a book based on topic for preparation from the list given @


Good to read:

NIST SP 800-146- Recommendations for cloud
NIST SP 800-145-Definition of Cloud Computing
NIST SP 800-144- Security of Public Cloud
NIST SP 500-299 -Security Ref Architecture
NIST SP 500-292 -Cloud Ref Architecture
NIST SP 500-291R2 Cloud Computing Standards Roadmap
ISO-17788- Cloud computing -Overview and vocabulary
ISO-17789- Cloud Computing Reference Architecture


ENISA Security aspects of virtualization
CSA Best Practices for Mitigating Risks in Virtualized Environments

CSA's Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing v4.0

CSA's- Egregious-11



Happy learning, wish you good luck. Cheers





Chandra Mouli, CISSP, CCSP, CSSLP
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Viewer II

Thanks for sharing detailed information 

Nitin Kulkarni
Newcomer III


For sure - knowing at least the basics for which ISO and NIST standards was key to at least a few of the questions.  I think it's unfortunate to just memorize numbers of standards, but it's fair game all the same.


Thanks, and congratulations!