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Looking For CCSP Exam Preparation Plan Recommendations, Tips, Techniques

I'm looking for anyone who has recommendations for CCSP Prep. Tips, Best Practices. I purchased the On-Demand Cert Prep Course and CCSP Official Study Guide that has practice tests you can take in the book and online. I'm thinking of using a similar approach I used to prep for my CISSP. Take the Online Course, Read the Book, Take Practice Tests. I figure allocating 1 hour each day M-F to complete these tasks and then when I'm at a point where I'm scoring high on test exams, I figure I'm ready.

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Same here.
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I agree, one hour a day should be good. I'll join on the study session. I really want to get my CCSP. 🙂 

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I gathered these info for you.


Here are some best practices and tips for CCSP Prep:


  1. Make a study plan and stick to it: Allocating 1 hour each day, as you mentioned, is a good approach. Consistency is key.

  2. Know the exam format: Familiarize yourself with the type of questions you will encounter on the CCSP exam and understand how the questions are structured.

  3. Utilize official study materials: The On-Demand Cert Prep Course and CCSP Official Study Guide CCSP certification you purchased are great resources. Make sure you fully utilize them.

  4. Practice, practice, practice: Take as many practice tests as possible to get comfortable with the exam format and to identify areas where you need to improve.

  5. Focus on weak areas: After each practice test, review the questions you got wrong and make sure you understand why you got them wrong.

  6. Join a study group: Consider joining a study group or online forum to discuss exam-related topics and share study tips with others who are preparing for the exam.

  7. Get hands-on experience: Make sure you have hands-on experience working with the technologies covered by the CCSP exam.

  8. Take care of your health: Make sure you are getting enough sleep, eating well, and exercising regularly. Being physically and mentally healthy will help you perform better on the exam.

Good luck with your CCSP preparation!

Newcomer III


Hi - I just passed the CCSP, and posted about my experience.  Please check it out, for what it's worth. 


Have a good plan, be focused, and stay confident.  You can do this!