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Newcomer I

I passed CCSP exam today

I took the CCSP exam in Chinese, but I think the questions in different languages should be similar.


The books I was using:

 - OSG 3rd edition( )

 - AIO Chinese version 2nd edition(The reason why I use AIO 2nd edition is that only AIO 2nd edition has a Chinese version. )

 - OPT Official Practice Tests 3rd edition ( )

 - CBK 4th edition (I consider it as a dictionary. I did not read it all. )

 - The online tests provided by AIO 3rd edition ( ). I did not do them all. 


In addition, there are another two books:

 - CCSP For Dummies ( ). This book can be a reference, but some practice questions provided by this book are too far away from the official study guide, so I don't think the practice questions provided by this book are good.

 - WannaBeA CCSP ( ). As the author says, this book (I would like to call it a booklet rather than a book) only focuses on passing the exam. I read it a few days before the exam (thanks to the slow delivery of USPS)


The most important thing is to take notes about the wrong questions you made during practice and review them often. I used PowerPoint to take screenshots of the questions I did wrong and wrote notes about the questions on the same page. When I did review, I just went over these slides.


During the exam, for at least half of the questions, I could not ensure what I selected was really correct. I excluded two exactly wrong options, compared the remaining two, and picked one according to my previous experience, comparative analysis, or even my instinct. 


I hope everyone can pass CCSP exam on the first attempt.


Good Luck.



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Viewer III

Congratulation, how long did you study for the exam?


congrats I Also Passed my Exam from this discord server
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