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Newcomer I

Cracked the CCSP Exam in first attempt

I am pleased to share that I cleared CCSP exam yesterday 26/06, must admit it was one of the toughest grueling experience focusing on exam for 4 hours. apart from technical capability this test your patience to sit & focus in one place for 4 hrs !! I finished the exam with 33 sec to spare had to rush in last question so that I don't run out of time. 


My tip.

- Know the domain and its content & concept well.

- Go through the reference material latest twice.

- Attempt domain wise test questions and work on week domains


Materials used

- ISC2 official training & CCSP Official (ISC)2 Student Guide 5th Edition, 5th Edition (over to cover thorough read)

-Official CCSP Study Guide- 4th Edition
-Official CCSP Practice Test- 3rd Edition.
-Prepare for the CCSP exam by Gwen Bettwy on Udemy
-Cloud Guardian from Gwen Bettwy - last minute reading
-NIST & ISO Documents
-CSA Security Guidance





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Community Champion

It has been previously mentioned on this community that the printed materials included in the (ISC)² training courses are not available separately. 


Hello Sj, Congrats for clearing the exam. I recently failed the exam and I did prepare like crazy still it was not enough. Do you think buying official isc2 course makes the difference?

Please is the CCSP Official (ISC)2 Student Guide 5th Edition, offered in print version? 

Newcomer I


Newcomer I

many many congrats

Newcomer II

Hello - Did the practice questions you mentioned below help to pass the CCSP exam?  --- CCSP  1500+

Official study guide 3rd ed Practise test - 850

official study guide 3rd edition questions- 500+

CCSP dummies -- 200 




Daniel K. Leung (CISSP)

Reader I

Congratulations on passing! I'll be taking my exam this year as well.


Regarding the NIST & ISO documents you mentioned you used - were there any specific documents that helped?


Thanks for sharing the tip.  You have referred CCSP Learn app, just to clarify is it ? 


Please do confirm as i am writing the exams by next month.  Thank you.  

Newcomer III

As others have stated (and I concur) the best prep guide for the exam is the 'CCSP Self-Paced Digital e-Textbook' ONLY offered with ISC2 CCSP Self-Study program.  IMO it's the BEST study/prep guide because there is no-fluff and it perfectly aligns with all the CCSP exam objectives - it's gets you focused on on-task. 
I'm generally not a fan of the recorded self-study lectures (reading the book and hands-on works best for me if I can't engage in Q&A) and many are overpriced, but the CCSP Self-Study is reasonably priced ($440 for ISC2 members and with 20% discount for the 90 day access option) and it's the ONLY way for one to put their mitts on the Digital e-Textbook since it is only available to students.

There are plenty of other good options, and I'd advise reading Mike Chapple's official Study Guide and several other mentioned resources if your CCSP knowledge pool is a bit shallow.   Here's my recommendations: