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Newcomer I

CCSP exam pattern- any change?


Can we still mark the questions for later review  during exam, or there is any change in test pattern.

Please suggest.

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Community Champion

@93 wrote:

...Had no idea you could not go back or flag questions to revisit....answer to all the questions within allotted time....

Without question, completing is important.  But at the same time, correct answers are just as important.   The exam is full of "distracting" answers that seem correct on the surface, but are not the 'best" answer.  Skimming through questions and quickly picking the answer that "seems right" is an excellent recipe for unknowingly losing points to the distractors.


The key to passing any exam (not just ISC2) is to take your time, read each question completely, read  each of its answers completely, and then read the question again.  After having done that, pick the best answer and move on to the next question.


Focusing on the clock is bad strategy, primarily because it takes you out of "the zone".  Much better is to, at the beginning of your studies, review the Exam outline and calculate that the ideal pace is 90 seconds per question (4 hours for 150 questions).  Then time how long it takes you to complete each practice test.  After a while, you will instinctively fall into a rhythm that allows you to complete on time without looking at the clock, leaving your complete brain free to focus on reading comprehension and avoiding the distractors.


Also, don't even try to keep score. More important than simply not having enough information (notably, how many points a given question is worth), it is important to realize that keeping score will not help you answer the next question any better.  It will, however, raise your stress level and take you out of the zone.

Newcomer II

I took the CCSP today, 01/04/2024 (and passed...).  No, I could not go back.  The only way to advance the exam was to answer the question and move to the next question...until you've finished your 150 questions.


Just took my exam a few days ago at a Pearson Vue facility and you CAN NOT flag or go back to previous questions.
Newcomer III

I FINALLY got around to taking the ISSAP about 10-days ago.  Good thing I ran into someone who recently took the exam because it would thrown me a curve ball discovering there was no longer a mark/review process on exam day.  It had been years since my last ISC2 exam.  I'm also taking the CCSP in about 10-days, so I'm glad to hear the exam follows this same format. 
I actually preferred not being able to review my answers. I can be a bit OCD and would occasionally skip-ahead a block of questions if I had a difficult stretch, or simply made a quick "best choice" knowing I could go back and review [to death] the questions.  I felt not being able to "review" forced me to be more disciplined in my approach.  I finished and passed the 3-hour ISSAP exam with 50-minutes to spare and was done.  No fuss, no muss.  Had I been able to review, I would have spent the next 50-minutes re-reading all the question and my re-thinking my answers.  Would I have caught one or two questions that I may have misread?  Perhaps, but I would have most likely wasted 50-minutes of my life stressing over nothing. 
Anyway, I have a few years of cloud experience; read both the CompTIA Cloud+ and Official ISC2 CCSP Textbook v7 from front-to-back, completed the ICS2 Official CCSP self-paced course, and now I'm running through Mike Chapple's Official CCSP Practice Tests (900 questions). If one does the work and knows the material, they're gonna score 850+ and have a whole lotta wiggle room for brain-farts, stress, and even not getting a good night of sleep. Being well-prepared for the CCSP exam is always the best strategy. 
Just my two-cents...I don't miss the review option one bit.  Cheers!