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Newcomer II


Hi All, 


After about 1.5 years off from taking and failing this exam twice, I sat for it again last Friday. In preparation, work paid for a 5 day boot camp with a 93% success rate! I went through that and also bought the new CCSP CBK 3rd edition to supplement my learning. I also did a number of official CCSP practice quizzes and was in the mid-to high 80% range. During the test I felt really good. I didn't think there were many surprises, and even the 25 sample questions didn't seem to jump out at me. Upon completion, I was again disappointed to learn I didn't pass. I was above in two domains and below in four. Actually, I did worse than in my previous attempts. Clearly, I am missing something. I am going to try and perform a gap-analysis on each domain. I figure I will take additional  remaining CCSP Official practice exam questions (30 questions each), focus on each domain, and see if they match up with my results. As a current CISSP and CISM holder, this is frustrating me. I don't need this exam, but would like to obtain and hold it. Now it's more of a challenge for me. Although, the definition of insanity is really making sense now.

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Advocate II

Why not try the CCSK, as it may help you get your confidence back?


Community Champion

For the CCSP Exam I felt that this was helpful in my ability to pass.

Review "NIST Special Publication 800-146 Chapter 4", using this chapter as a foundation, I created alternate scenario questions in my head and answered them.


What change to part of the scenario would make me come up with a different answer?  Like a "What if i changed this, would it change that?" 



Newcomer I

Hello Dmor_11 ,

Wow! Thanks for sharing your story first of all. It’s an eye opener for other CISSPs too! I attended a skillsoft CCSP bootcamp recently and the instructor mentioned that “CCSP is more of a tweaked CISSP, and that it’s made by CISSPs for CISSPs”, but your experience is a game changer to that notion.
I have been trying my hands at the app lately too and now I don’t know if it is going to be worth it.
Looks like ISC2 has turned it around this time with the refresh! This reminds me to fall back on my CISSP instructors word of advice - “read the book end to end”. I guess I will start from there now.
Again, thanks so much for sharing and breaking the false sense of “security” folks had with their prep. I wish you all the best and hopefully you make it through this time.
Best wishes!

Newcomer III

Did your employer also pay for your exam, not just the bootcamp?