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ISC2 Team

CCSP Exam Prep: 6 FREE Resources to Get You Started

Congratulations on your decision to pursue the globally recognized CCSP cloud security credential! It’s a big undertaking, but we know you’re up for the challenge. And you will never regret it.


Sometimes, though, it can be tough getting started… To help you dive in with confidence, we have 6 helpful resources at your disposal. And they’re absolutely FREE:

  1. The Ultimate Guide to the CCSP
  2. Exam Action Plan
  3. CCSP Interactive Flash Cards
  4. CCSP SnapApp Quiz
  5. CCSP Webcast Series
  6. Official CCSP Study App


Use any or all of these handy assets to gauge exam readiness and see what’s ahead on your journey. And always feel free to lean on the Community for pointers and some extra motivation.

What do you say, CCSPs? How did YOU begin your path to certification? What (ISC)2 tools and resources did you find most useful along the way?


Please chime in with suggestions, success tips and even pain points you may have experienced.

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Community Champion

See also the Self-Study-Resources web page if you are interested in a different certification.

Newcomer I

Hey there,

When I took my cert, there were not a lot of practice tests other than one provided by (ISC)2 which did not measure the standard and rigor of the actual test. The first-ever textbook published by (ISC)2 was no good.

I took CCSK first as a warm-up since I already studied both CSA and NISA.


Resources I used to prepare and found to be helpful were as follows;

  • ISO 17789, 27040, 17788
  • NIST SP800-146, SP 500-292
  • TCI Reference Architecture
  • CSA guide 3.0 (now 4.0) but the exam has not been updated ever since. I would still study the older version just in case
  • SAML 101 White pater
  • SAML tech overview
  • WWW Hard Zoning based on Port Number spoofing or routing attacks (Google it up, it was a presentation at Black Hat conference) and of course
  • (ISC)2 official textbook (use the new edition, it has improved)

If you need these docs, please reach out privately, and I send them to email them to you. You have more resources now than in 2015/2016 when I took mine.


Hope this helps in your preparation and good luck!

Viewer II

Hi Mr Bushman, can you pl share the ccsp resource docs you’ve mentioned…

Newcomer I

I can't upload files on here but if you wish to have them, please send me your email and I can send them to you.
These materials are freely available on their respective Websites.
Thanks and let me know.
Viewer II

Kindly if you can share CCSP material
Community Champion

@bushman , I think what @manojravuru was suggesting is to add links in your earlier email. (click on the three dot menu to edit an old post and use the chain button above the editor to insert a link). The goal being to provide citations for your reference list, much like @kfitzpatrick did.

Newcomer I

If you want links, please use the docs titles to Google them. These are publicly available resources (NIST, CSA, ENISA, and etc)

It has been over 5 years since I took this cert. I do not have the time to go find links, please do it yourself, I have pointed you to the docs.


I have PDF docs which can't be linked, that's why I asked to send me your email privately so I can send you the materials if desired.

Remember, there are more materials/resources now to prepare for this cert than when it first came out in 2015. The exam is not difficulty at all if you have the experience working on Cloud projects (risk management, not vendor specific) and read extra materials. Do not go to the exam base solely on the official (ISC)2 CCSP guide textbook. Your chances of passing is slim and your knowledge narrow.


Hope this helps and good luck on your preparation!

Newcomer I

I know this is a little late in responding, but I used the Official study guide and official practice tests from Wiley to pass my exam. Most of the questions were put in a scenario like format that most ISC2 tests have and a nice explanation is provided at the bottom when in study mode. The practice tests gives you access to over 1,000 practice questions and the official study guide is like another 750. A ton of material that got me into the right mindset when sitting for the exam.


It will get you access to the wiley test banks website

Newcomer II

Thanks for the tips. I found the Official CCSP Study App useful in preparing for "test taking" (as opposed to gauging my knowledge of concepts). I generally do poorly on multiple-choice tests and I am nervous about performing well on the CCSP while wearing a face mask.