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ERROR_VUE_WIDE_BLOCK error when connecting to my account at Pearson VUE




I encountered while attempting to book the ISC2 CC exam. Upon submitting my booking request, I received the following error message: "ERROR_VUE_WIDE_BLOCK." This error prevented me from completing the booking process successfully.

Candidate ID: ‎1441210‎
Registration ID: 454818887‎


I kindly request your assistance in resolving this issue so that I can proceed with booking my ISC2 CC exam without further complications. Please let me know if there are any additional steps I need to take or if you require any further information from my end.



Thank You.

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Community Champion

A quick google shows that this error affects a number of Pearson Vue’s customers exams.

It seems that they may have restricted your account for some reason, I’m afraid your best course of action is to contact them directly.

Anyway as a user feedback message it’s pretty awful - looks like this might be just how it’s coded, you have my sympathy.

Hope you can get them to sort it out.
Community Manager

I asked someone in our support team to assist you. @Kasun_MA 

ISC2 Community Manager
Viewer II

Same error; I have not been able to get this resolved over the course of 6 months! Two times I've submitted a ticket and no one from ISC2 seems to be able to address this. 6 months. No help. I guess it's time to move on to ISACA or another credentialing body. This is not acceptable. Please fix your site or allow test takers to register directly through Pearson. There are many threads with users experiencing this issue for the last year. Again, fix your site!