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Volunteering to Keep People Safe & Secure Online

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Volunteering to Keep People Safe & Secure Online

Volunteering to Keep People Safe & Secure Online

(ISC)² Team

Bringing the message of cyber safety to communities worldwide is a big task.

But thanks to the hundreds of volunteers who join the Center for Cyber Safety and Education, that task becomes easier every year.


In 2018, a total of 52,146 volunteer hours were spent educating communities about internet safety.

This year YOU can help to make that number grow!

Did you know?


49% of kids in grades 4-8 are online after 11pm on a school night  

Only 11% of the parents are aware of this behavior

400K kids per year are victims to identity theft

Older adults are 5 times more likely to losing money on tech support scams

Now, let’s talk about a few of the benefits of volunteering with the Safe and Secure Online Program from the Center:

  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Meet members of your community
  • Practice your public speaking skills
  • Advance your career
  • & so much more!

Ready to jump in and get going?  You can start volunteering in 3 easy steps:

  1. Choose an audience from our Safe and Secure Online program:
    • Youth (11-14): Children in middle school tend to think they are the experts of the digital era. However, our volunteers have found that most don’t follow cyber safety guidelines when using the internet. The SSO Middle School presentation offers information to boost their knowledge about online gaming, geotagging, computer protection among other topics.
    • Parents: Teach parents at PTA meetings or community events about how to protect their kids from online dangers. Topics include cyberbullying, social media, tips and best practices.
    • Senior citizens: We know seniors adore their grandchildren, but their names make weak passwords. The SSO Senior presentation empowers senior citizens to incorporate safe online habits in the new digital age. Includes: scams, downloads, online banking among others.

  2. Download the FREE materials at: Now available in multiple languages.

  3. Get out there and educate!
    * Don’t forget, you can always send pictures to so we can give you a proper social media shoutout!


As a bonus, as an (ISC)2 member, you get 10 CPEs after the first two presentations!


"Your digital life is equally valuable to your general life as a whole, it shouldn't be taken for granted," Moses Kibirige, volunteer.

We want to hear from you!

Have you presented the Safe and Secure Online Program in your local community? We’d love to hear how it went and any
feedback that you have. If you are still on the fence about presenting, let us know what is holding you back – we’re more than happy to help in any way that we can!


Lastly, we want to thank the countless volunteers that have worked with the Safe and Secure Online Program. From presenting, to collaborating, to even translating documents, without this amazing group of people, we could not help to inspire a safe and secure cyber world.  


Community Champion
Do you have brochures or pamphlet, that can be printed and posted, or mass-distributed via emails? Since people are short on attention, so some single-page do's-don't's would be good, with separate subject matters, such as general web security, email security, phishing and vishing, etc. I can see the that those pamphlets can be posted in civic centers, churches, offices, or send to HR for distributing to employees. Just a thought,
Newcomer II

If you're in the Northern VA area, please reach out to our chapter if you're on the fence about volunteering.  The NOVA chapter just visited an elementary school in Fairfax County and we're now adopting that school by providing a grant for cyber safety and education materials courtesy of the Garfield program.


It's one of the most rewarding things you can do - I highly recommend it.  Good luck!

(ISC)² Team

Absolutely @Chuxing! We already have free tip sheets available on our website for parents and senior citizens:


We also have a dedicated volunteer page for those who want to get started. We covered all topics from how to reach out to the community, resources, CPE instructions and more:


I'm more than happy to send you our brochure as well with all the program we provide! feel free to email me


Kind regards,

Contributor II

Even before I became a Safe and Secure presenter, I had compiled a number of presentations for different audiences. The hardest part I find is finding an organization that genuinely wants to to be informed. Most of the times I have talked about security awareness it is has been at the begrudging agreement of an employer. It took me literally 10 years of asking my local school system before I ever got in front of one class of kids. I'd say at least once I month I offer some parent group or school administrator that I can give a presentation of any size or content for free, and the response is usually "oh we have so-and-so who comes in." So-and-so typically is paid and has little credentialed expertise. I nod along while I continue to hear of kids, parents, and senior citizens blundering through technology and encountering some violation. I think Safe and Secure is pretty good. The problem is despite all the lipservice we pay to security, we live in a TL;DR society. Ultimately that is our biggest vulnerability. The same idiot impulses that have people texting while they should be driving have them only half paying attention to these issues. Then when they, their son, daughter, or mother, father get embroiled in some attack or scam, it's like when the slam into the back of the car in front of them. They exclaim, "How did this happen?!" The tools are ample; the desire to use them is not, however. I'll keep offering to help, but I find very little genuine interest in quality information.

Newcomer II

I have to agree with @JoePete, that interest in quality security information is really low around me. I'm having the same half-hearted reaction while offering lectures to local communities.

I'm really looking forward to translate Safe and Secure online materials to my language and try it in elementary schools. Hopefully it will have more success with kids, than with adults.

Viewer III

Last month, I gave two presentations on Keeping Kids Safe Online at the Alaska Society for Technology and Education (ASTE) 2019 conference in Anchorage. I was pleasantly surprised to have a packed room with educators eager for advice. I gave them all information on the Garfield program and links to the CCSE. And all that before I even saw this post! I will be clicking on that volunteer link now. Thanks for everything you’re doing!


The download link appears to be broken - directing to a page

Community Champion
> donnalcg (Viewer) posted a new comment in (ISC)² Updates on 05-30-2019 06:43 PM

> The download link appears to be broken - directing to a page

Now *that's* hilarious ...

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(ISC)² Team

@donnalcg @rslade Our sincere apologies. We changed web platforms yesterday and it seems like we had a bit of trouble redirecting the old website to the new one. The new web is up and running- I have edited the initial post here with the new link.

Again so sorry, and thank you for supporting the Center and our mission of making the cyber world a safer place for everyone! 

have a wonderful weekend!