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Volunteer to Write Test Items for (ISC)² Examinations

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Volunteer to Write Test Items for (ISC)² Examinations

Re: Volunteer to Write Test Items for (ISC)² Examinations

ISC2 Team


Consider how you can help inspire a safe and secure cyber world by contributing your expertise to the development of the gold standard in information security credentials.  Opportunities to help create and improve (ISC)² examinations are plentiful. (ISC)² holds exam development workshops several times throughout the year in order to update and refresh its item banks and create new exam forms for all the credentialing exams it offers. Workshops are open to all (ISC)² members holding relevant credentials in the subject matter of a workshop.


  • Even though workshops are voluntary activities, and (ISC)² does not compensate its members for attending. 
  • (ISC)² pays all travel, lodging and out-of-pocket expenses of the attendees.
  • Members earn 1 CPE (Continuing Professional Education) credit per hour worked when attending a workshop, typically this amounts to 21 CPEs per workshop.
  • Workshops are usually planned for two and a half days.


(ISC) ² workshops are conducted as face-to-face meetings in a conference room setting where physical security can be closely monitored. Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and Conflict of Interest (COI) must be signed before every workshop.


Our volunteer Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) represent some of the most highly regarded experts in their respective fields, and we consider ourselves lucky to be able to know and work with.


That’s enough of us telling you about the workshops, hear what (ISC)² Member Volunteers have to say about their Exam Development experience…



“Wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and ISC2 for an outstanding experience in my first go at an ISC2 item writing workshop.  I very much enjoyed myself and think I gained as much as I hopefully provided.  It was a very professionally run process from the beginning to end and I could not be happier with it, even to the point that in the future if my employer does not approve of my attendance on company time I will take PTO to attend”. 


Hope to work with you again soon!



Thank you so much.   I truly enjoyed the (ISC)² Exam Writing Workshop.  Although I had MAC and other issues that impacted my exam question and reference productivity, I found the process very interesting.   I enjoy critical thinking and research, so this was an idea project for me.   The people I met and the exam question review process was such a wonderful experience.   It was fulfilling to utilize my skills in such a unique manner.   It was also wonderful to hear that we were a very productive team. 


Thank you for the opportunity.   




Now we want to hear from you!

Have you participated in one of our (ISC)2 Exam Development workshops?  Tell us about your experience and feedback below. We would love to know what went well and where we have opportunities to make the workshops even better.


If you haven’t participated in one of our workshops yet – feel free to ask questions and pose any concerns, we’re happy to help!



Newcomer II

I can fully recommend taking part, participated in october last year, well worth the round trip from UK to Tampa. It gives you a great insight into how much work is behind those questions and how varied the people with this certification are. @DJExamTeam and the team make participating easy, everything is done in a couple of e-mails, and US customs isn't as bad as we are lead to believe.

Its three days of hard work, but at the end of it you have, together with your workshop, helped make the exam better at identifying someone with the relevant skillls and experience to join the growing number of us with this incredible certification.

On top of this, you might not get paid for participation, but it doesnt cost you either, flights, hotel and food are aranged and the one meal you have to self organise, you can claim back and theres enough of you someone knows where's good to go. Add to that the 21 CPEs and its an absolute no brainer. Just waiting on my next invite

Viewer II

Thank you the (ISC)2 team and the workshop hosts for a great experience of the item writing workshop. The workshop ran like clockwork and the three days just flew by! The conversations were thought provoking and the tasks certainly tickled my brain cells. I can't wait to volunteer my time again for another exam development workshop.