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Improving (ISC)² Service Levels

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Improving (ISC)² Service Levels

Re: Improving (ISC)² Service Levels

ISC2 Former Staff

I would like to apologize to everyone experiencing service delays in recent weeks. I am committed – along with the entire senior leadership team and all our staff – to restoring service and response times back to acceptable levels. I know this has been frustrating for some members of the Community, and I appreciate your patience.


To help clarify our current situation, let me provide some insight into what has transpired over the last few weeks.


On June 30, 2019, we completed our AMF policy transition. While we are happy that more than 92% of our members and associates transitioned to our new AMF structure by deadline, we are working through a backlog of members and associates who wish to be reinstated. While we did not anticipate that the entire membership would transition by deadline, our staff levels and processes to support reinstatement requests were not adequate. We are adding staff as quickly as possible, with 15 new support representatives already on the team, and developers working hard to streamline the process and the time it takes us to reinstate members and associates.  


Additionally, finalizing the AMF transition enabled us to complete the last piece of a major, ongoing data migration to our new association management system. While these migrations have been progressing in stages and have been tested over the last several months, we transitioned fully to our new system on July 5, 2019. While most members, associates and candidates are able to interact with (ISC)² as expected, issues have been identified, and they are quickly being addressed by our team. However, this is also understandably causing a rise in call and email volume to our support teams.


This call volume – from both members and associates looking to reinstate, as well as members in good standing with issues resulting from the data migration – has negatively impacted our ability to support our membership on a day-to-day basis. I have my staff focused on eliminating the backlog while also looking at our entire association member touch capacity, capabilities, SLAs, etc. I also know that many of you continue to experience issues in other areas such as the CPE portal and delays in endorsement times. I have directed the team to resolve these issues as quickly as possible but in a responsible manner that ensures we deliver the right solution and a long-term fix to the issues you’re experiencing.


You have my personal commitment and reassurance that the entire senior leadership team at (ISC)² is aware of these issues and working diligently to solve them. We will regain your confidence. We will be more transparent about issues and resolutions. We will deliver value and service that makes you proud to be a member of (ISC)².


Thank you for your membership, all your support and for your continued patience.


David Shearer


Viewer II

I have bee a CISSP since 2002 and in the time when the AMF changed, I was a little confused but not very. I called ISC2 asked the question “So when do I pay and how much?” The answer was however was  now. 

I cannot remember who I spoke with,  but she was pleasant to talk with took my information simple. The amount was X due now. And the same for next year. The email about the new AMF structure was a little confusing, it was filled with too much information and the message was lost in the fog.  


I have always had a great respect for ISC2 and what they do for us professionals. I am happy for the all the services that they provide to members.


I do have one request;… I would like to see a store (that is easy to find) preferably with more items for ISC2 CISSPs like challenge coins, hats, jackets, Pins yes CISSP pins and other pins. I have lost all the ones I had.


They make great promo gifts to other professionals. Anyway, that is my request.





Community Manager

Thanks for the suggestion about the store items @dstony! I have a CISSP lapel pin stashed away ... PM me your information and I'll send it to you! 

Community Champion






Hello David, Bruce, Beth and Kaity,


It's been some 2.5 months since this thread was posted so I, and I'm sure many others, would be keen to hear how things are progressing.


From my own perspective, things actually appear to be worse. I have a number of outstanding support issues which have been open for over 2 months and that I have seen zero progress on, and little to no communication about. How is this acceptable?


Two of these issues are particular to me, but one of them affects all ISSAP and ISSMP holders. You can read about that specific issue here if you're interested:


Today, I have had the misfortune to require to log another support ticket in relation to my ISSMP certificate package not having been delivered within the advised 12 week SLA. When I asked about the package's status, I'm told they don't even know if it's been printed, let alone been shipped. Again, how is this acceptable?


While logging the ticket about the missing certificate package I enquire about the status of my other tickets only to be asked to send in again all of the details I originally sent in to raise those tickets in the first place! For a third time I ask you, how is this acceptable? BTW - I don't blame the support agent, she did what she could. As ever it's the subpar status of ISC2's systems that are at fault.


Right now that first post in this thread just seems like a load of hot air and empty promises.


As a CISSP-ISSAP, ISSEP, ISSMP, CCSP who is currently studying for the CSSLP, I was always one of ISC2's biggest advocates. In fact I hold the status of Advocate here on the Community. However, today I told someone asking about CISSP concentrations not to bother with them as that would involve having more interactions with ISC2's faltering systems and processes which will only lead to frustration and dissatisfaction. I fully stand by what I said and would also say that it's completely aligned to the ISC2 Code of Ethics given the current shambolic state of things.


Speaking of the Code of Ethics, David and Bruce, as CISSP holders, can you honestly say you have provided diligent and competent service to principals in relation to the disastrous DETE programme? The principals being the long suffering ISC2 members in this instance. I'm genuinely curious.


Community Champion


I think the newly elected board members that @Kaity made a mention of should also provide their feedback / input here.


As they're now involved in this, they should --- and hopefully will! --- play a part.